Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Friday Friend Recipe #243 - Meatball appetizers

Making my way thru my Friday Friend Cookbook, one recipe at a time.

What is the Friday Friend cookbook? I once had about 50 of my closest friends and family (from all over the county) on an e-mail forum which I called the Friday Friends . At first, most of them didn't know each other, (they knew me) but over the past 20 years, we've answered and shared silly--and serious---questions, exchanged Secret Santa Christmas gifts, had a dieting contest in which we paid a $1 a week and that money went to a scholarship fund for a Friday Friends son's memorial scholarship, and we went on a great vacation for my 52 birthday. (plus so much more....)

AND, we contributed recipes for a cookbook.
I was looking at the cookbook the other night and I said, "I should make every recipe in here for my blog."
The Handyman--who thinks he knows me better than I know myself (this happened to be a question on the Friday Friend forum once---does your spouse/partner know you better than you know yourself?)--said,  "you'll never, EVER do that."

WELL---maybe I'll show him!  Maybe I will.

Which brings me to this... recipe #243
Cherrie Lou Who's Meatball Appetizers

A classic meatball appetizer.
You can't go wrong with a meatball appetizer. 

And now---for another enticing Cherrie Lou Who story!

Cherrie Lou---Cherrie Lou Who---Cheryl Louise -- Cherrie Louisiana.
Call her what you will.  Except if you call her Cherrie Louisiannnnnnaaaa! She might cry. At least she did when she was five and her siblings gave her that nick-name.  

This post is going to be short and sweet, saying goodbye to 2019...with the ghosts of Christmas past.
Not sure how to bring that all together.  I love Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" and I love my sinister-in-law (hmmmmm---typo, but I'm leaving it in as it seems appropriate), Cherrie Lou Who and she actually wanted to BE a ghost when she grew up.
It was around the same time as she was given  her nickname, Cherrie Louisiana--she wanted to grow up to be a ghost.
Her brothers and sisters tell her she can still achieve that goal.  One day.

Since this was an appetizer I made at Christmas time  (last Christmas) and Ghosts of Christmases past and Cherrie Lou Who wanting to be  a ghost---it all comes around and makes a good story, right?
Well, you can't expect perfection from me all the time!
Even in my stories.
Geez Louise guys!   
(hahahaa---geez LOUISE.  Cherrie Louise.  I'm just too punny today.  I  mean funny. 
 Or do I?)

Once we were in a mall--I have no idea why I was in a mall with Cherrie and Mike, because between the four of us, not one of us likes to be in a mall and avoid them at all costs)
  but one of the kiosks was selling stickers and there happened to be  a Casper the Ghost sticker, so her brother (the Handyman) bought her one--so it could be a visual for her life-long goal.

And that my friends, is my Cherrie Lou Who Story for today.  I hope she does not reach her goal for many many many  years.
But one day she just might and then I'll be saying  "Way to go Cherrie! I knew you could do it!"

This is Cherrie Lou Who's 10th recipe in the countdown.  You can see all her other recipes just by clicking HERE


My friends I bring to you recipes #243

Only 124 left to go!

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