Friday, January 31, 2014

2 book clubs in 1 (post)

I have two book club stories in one.  (well 2 posts in one rather)
As you know, I love them.    Enough said.

I did do something stupid the other night tho....  I let one book club 'bleed' into another.   I went to pull the questions for Blue Asylum out of my bag, and I had left the questions for "I am Malala" in there.  Had no idea what I'd done with the correct set of questions.   The nice thing is,   that in this day and age, someone with an Ipod just popped open the questions and we carried on.

It happens a few times a year, when  a couple of my book clubs meet in the same week---this was one of those weeks.  Best weeks of the year for me.

Totally Lit---our annual Miss Hot Dish election!  (where we all bring a casserole, dish to pass, hot dish to share, and elect a winner!)

Lit Wits---just our regular meeting, where we eat dinner, have lively book discussions and laugh a lot.

Yes, that is toilet paper they are holding.    
I saw this ice breaker, where you pass around a roll of toilet paper and just tell people to  'take what they need' and pass it on.

I can tell you they all looked at me rather funny...
then we went around the room and had to tell an interesting or little known fact about ourselves according to how many sheets of toilet paper we took.
10 sheets = 10 facts.

Some took just a few, but Robin and Nicole?
Way too much! (or so they thought.  It was fun to see what arcane facts they could come up with about themselves---ones we didn't already know)

As I said above,  best times ever!

Oh.... our books?  What did we discuss?

Both of them we would recommend. 
Without reservations!

Have a happy reading week!


Tina said...

You all have so much fun! Looks like a hoot. I am interested in Blue Asylum. Just started Perfect by Rachel Joyce

bermudaonion said...

Your book clubs sound like so much fun!

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