Friday, January 24, 2014

What makes a bookworm?

So, what do you think makes a person a 'bookworm?'
I have a good friend who is a reader.  She reads faster than me and she reads a lot.  But she doesn't LOVE her books.
She reads all the time, but when I asked her yesterday what she was reading, she said,  "Oh, I'm reading something I left at home...I can't remember the name of it."


She said,  "I just finish one and then on to the next."   
"I don't keep them, I give them to my  mom, who then passes them on to my aunt."

She doesn't keep ANY books.  But yet, she loves to read.  But, she can't remember what she is reading.  But, yet she reads more than me.

Hmmm.   She is a borrower, while I am buyer.  Of books, I mean.

I try to tell her how much I LOVE books, but she doesn't get it.  She said, if I had as many books as you, it would drive me crazy...just another thing to clean.

I love her.  I just don't understand her relationship with books.

How about you?  Do you have a friend like that? 
How do you define the term 'book worm?"


Susan Lindquist said...

Ohhhhh ... I can sorta relate to your friend, but I think it's more because I do sometimes forget what I've just read because I consume sooo much. In that, I guess I'm a book worm, but it's weird because there are times when I'm just laying in bed thinking or talking with friends on some topic and I'll suddenly flash on that 'forgotten text' and it will come back to me ...

I adore my books ... I'm a buyer and a hanger on ... I weed out for my library's book sale, but it pains me. I bookplate my books and lend them out with hopes they will be returned. Yes, I'm a book hoarder ... what can I say?

Francesca said...

Hello my name is Francesca and I'm Italian. I discovered your blog by accident and I immediately liked, because there are so many interesting things. I have joined your followers. If you go too foul. Thank you. Francesca.

bermudaonion said...

I know very few people who love books the way I do and most of them are related to me. Seriously, a lot of people think I'm nuts when I start talking books, even the people in my book club.

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