Thursday, March 21, 2013

Booking Thru Thursday

Today's Booking Thru Thursday question is:
Happy Spring Equinox, everyone! What book are YOU choosing to celebrate with?

I will be celebrating by finishing up "Mudbound" and starting  "The Lacuna" for book club  next Wednesday.  Although I did find out that the Spring Equinox is also  World Storytelling Day, so that's kind of exciting news. 

I don't know if Oral Storytelling is the same as Reading Aloud, but I  love to read aloud to people.  My grandchildren mostly.  They appreciate me--their grandfather does not so much.  Years ago--28 or 30, I took a community college course on Reading Aloud, and I practiced on the Handyman.  I would read aloud in the car when we were traveling (we traveled far and wide--Nevada is big state ~grins~), this was before Books on Tape were wildly popular. Anyway, one time he laughed at me.  Because I was trying out different voices for the different characters.  It was what we were supposed to do!  He just didn't get it.

I listen to  'oral' stories or books almost every day when I walk.  I have books downloaded onto my iPod.  I love it.  I have no music on my Ipod.  I listen to books on my Ipod when I have to drive anywhere also (which is really weird, because I love music, but that's a story for another time)---it syncs to my car radio.

Spring Equinox
World storytelling Day
Reading Aloud
Listening to oral reading aloud while walking
segues into:

my vent about walking shoes!  Right? 
I have always been walker.  (not to be confused with AMC's the Walking Dead) Sometimes a better walker, loyal to a program and to exercise, sometimes not so much.  But I just signed up for  Wendy Bumgardner's,  70 days to a better me, walking program.
I've been very dedicated this past week.  It really feels great to be out there  walking again.  Mentally and Emotionally great, not to mention physically.

I had to laugh at this article (from Wendy Bumgardner) this morning on walking shoes.
These are the kinds:
Motion Control Shoes (MC)
Lightweight Performance Training Shoes for Neutral Feet

Stability Shoes
Cushioned Shoes

Racing Flats

Race Walker Shoes

Lightweight Hiking and Trail Shoes

There are a few more types, but they really get  into heavier hiking types. So, I thought I would  buy myself some new shoes, and I was thinking I might need the Cushioned Shoes, because I have bad arches, flat feet and the word chusioned?  Just sounds so comfortable. Well, when I read the descriptions this is what best fits me: (the motion control shoes) Motion control shoes are the most rigid shoes. They are designed to be inflexible because they are meant to limit overpronation. They are generally heavy, but durable. Many are built upon a straight last, and may have a dual density midsole, with the denser material on the inside of the foot to help correct for pronation. Primarily, motion control shoes are for over-pronators and heavier people. Often people with flat feet do well in these shoes. The problem with most motion control shoes is that they tend to have a thick heel which makes walking in them the same as walking uphill with every step.   TWO THINGS! often people who are heavier do well in these shoes?!!!  And people with flat feet. I admitted the flat feet!! Can't I have some dignity here? Do I have to admit that I need to lose a (more than) few pounds. (sigh) How dare they!   This is my show... a motion control shoe.  (and it looks exactly like the shoe I wore this morning)  
Happy Spring Equinox!
Happy Reading aloud or listening Aloud!
and Happy Walking!

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