Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fish Tacos

I love eating at my son's house.  I love to taste 'real' Mexican food. Real home-cooked Mexican food.  It's so different from eating at a restaurant.  It's hard to explain, but it just is.
I spent the last week in Phoenix holding a new grandson,  playing with my 3-year old granddaugther and following my daughter-in-law around, eating what she was eating, tasting food she was making, snacks she was preparing, watching her every move in the kitchen,  and...
...watching Novellas on the Spanish channel.  (She told me the only way to learn to speak Spanish is immersion, so I watched  novellas (soap operas) with her on the Spanish Channel.  It was fun--but now I'm depressed as I had to leave before I knew the fate  Juan Carlos!!   DANG IT!!  ~grins~ )

Mara (my DIL) made fish tacos one night--(they were so awesome!!) (I just had to take  a photo)

And when I got home I made them for the Handyman--(I did a pretty good job I think, recreating a  home-cooked Mexican meal)
They look almost EXACTLY like her's, don't they?  They tasted pretty good too. So, it paid off , following her around like that!  (hopefully it didn't creep her out too much---having her mother in law looking over her shoulder all the time)

As I said,  I followed Mara closely around the kitchen and I hastily wrote this down in my notebook after we ate.   There is no formal recipe---you just do it.  She probably learned from watching her mom in the kitchen...the secret of many great home cooks.

Fish Tacos
Mara Stone
(as scribbled down by me)

Tilapia cut into strips--squirt with lime juice and sprinkle with lemon pepper and fish seasoning.
Dredge is seasoned flour  (lemon pepper and fish seasoning) and fry

fresh jalapeno

chop and mix together and add on top of fish in a warm corn tortilla, spread with Mexican sour cream.

lime juice

blend all together  (she did it in a blender and was a lot thinner, more like a sauce. It was really good.  Mine was more chunky)
Drizzle on top of the taco.
Squirt with lime and eat.
If you want you can add hot sauce.


Kate said...

I sooooo love fish tacos...I have always been a quest for "the" recipe. I will give these a try!

sadie607 said...

haha it's good you have one DIL who can teach you things in the kitchen and cooks for you. Since when you come to my house we don't really feed you oops sorry haha

bermudaonion said...

My husband would love those!

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