Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Recap

I've never done a recap before, so this is a first.

I read 8 books in February.
1 was audio
1 was for a book club
6 were for pleasure  (of course, they are all fun, aren't they?)

       Loved this one, and interestingly,  the Iditarod began yesterday.

This one was a book club choice  (for one of my 4 book clubs)  I am glad I read it.  It brought to light many facts about Alzheimer's that I wasn't' aware of.

This was my least favorite read of the month.  It was good, just not great for me.

I did love this book too.  It was very confusing at first, but then I got into a reading rhythm and I just loved it.

           This was my favorite read of the month.  but I was also deeply disturbed by a choice made of one of the characters in the book.  Great read tho!

This audio book was GREAT.   Loved the story and the narrator.

     This was  a heartbreaking wonderful book.  About a woman, wife, mother, with early on-set Alzheimer's. 

This series is pretty new and new to me. This is the 2nd in the series.  I love it.

That's my list!  And I'm sticking to it.

In other Sunday news...I'm leaving tomorrow to go visit my new grandson.   Off to Arizona, where the weather should be nice.
It's raining here today and we have a fire in the fireplace.   A good---no, not good--but a PERFECT afternoon to read a book.
See ya.

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bermudaonion said...

You need to see the movie version of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close now - I loved it!

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