Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Refried Beans

I've been wanting to try these beans since Christmas time, when we had them at our son's house and I finally did it the other day.   I wonder now why I waited so long to do so.
Our wonderful holiday dinner was made by my daughter-in-law's mother, and it was a traditional Mexican Christmas  Eve feast.   Tamales, refried beans, and corn salad (except the corn was hot and spicy). The meal was To DIE FOR!!   On Christmas day we had Posole...and leftover  tamales, refried beans and corn.

Maxine does not speak English and I do not speak Spanish---but we've had many good times together at family gatherings and vacations.  (grandchildren make a common language)
This time, I stood by her side watching her cook--and trying to take notes at the same time.

These were THE BEST refried beans--special refried beans-- filled with cheese and peppers and all kinds of goodness.  I hope you try them because I know you'll like them.

Refried Beans

1 lb dried pinto beans
1 lb Mexican chorizo
1-2 chipotle peppers
1-2 jalapeno peppers
salsa ranchero
cheddar cheese
Monterrey jack cheese

Cook the beans.  Then blend in a blender untill  as smooth as you would like them to be.

Add a chipotle pepper and a a jalapeno pepper and blend in.  (this is totally to taste.  The chipotle pepper has a strong smokey flavor, so you don't want to over do that one---I used more jalapenos than chipotles)

Fry the chorizo and add the salsa ranchero  (this too, is to taste.  I wouldn't use a lot, or maybe I would skip this altogether and just add another jalapeno. It's really up to you--but I would never skip the chorizo)

Add the beans to the chorizo and stir together.  Add shredded cheese.  There is no  measurement, because you just keep adding cheese until it is the texture and taste you like.  (we added  about a  cup of each)

The beans will have a smoky, spicy, taste and they are SO GOOD.   They can be a side dish for any Mexican meal.


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Michelle said...

Oh my. I just ate. But I could eat all over again.
(Psst...I would never skip chorizo either.)

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