Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Err is Human

Yes,  to err is human....to forgive,  well, let's just hope we are all forgiven in the end. 

I was looking thru my posts and cleaning up some 'drafts' that I had and  lo and behold there is this 'draft' from my life last Labor Day Weekend!

I erred.   Enough said.
I never posted this, when I thought I had:

This was my surprise when I came home from being gone over Labor Day Weekend.  My middle son and his girlfriend ran off to the court house without me and got married.  Without her family too.   I think that's how they wanted it  (which is why they did it that way)

Congrats and welcome to this crazy family Jessica!!
Dustin and Jessica share an anniversary with our oldest son Jeff and his wife Tara.

Speaking of our oldest son---he and his family showed up, as we got home from our trip--to see our youngest son   (are you confused yet?)  that weekend.
So, how did we celebrate the marriage of  our 2nd to youngest/middle son  (very confused now??)  (so am I)
Well...  we walked up a hill!!   We are crazy like that!  Our celebrations?  The envy of others.

The Handyman,  sons Jeff and Dustin, Daughter-in-law Jessica and our grandsons  Hunter, Jorell and Camron,
getting ready to set off on the hike up the mountain.
This is actually a trail head in the high desert of Nevada.
Notice the big trees to shade ourselves in the 90+ degree weather.  
Notice the cloudy skies to shield the sun.
Notice ---how crazy we are.  I said that before

I am bringing up the rear.
It's only about a mile to the W.
But it's hot.
Do you remember my post about  Hillside letters in the west?

A fork in the road. 
(which is symbolic of the newlyweds--who are lagging behind---and they chose the  marriage fork)
(I am so philosophical)

I begin to lag behind.
And to be truthful....I don't see the Handyman either.  I just see the youngsters. 

Altho---Rich (Handyman) did make it to the W.
Anything for the grandkids!
I took lots of great pics. 

Happy Wedding Weekend Dustin and Jess!


bermudaonion said...

How fun! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Karen said...


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