Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out on a Limb

Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here and post 2x in one day. AND, this one is not about food, but about books!


I have more than one love.
The Handyman
my children (and their spouses)
my grandchildren
my garden
my friends
my parents
reading books while eating chocolate chip cookies on a hammock in my yard
did I say food and books?

You get the picture anyway...I love many things. And one of them is reading. I have always loved reading ( I am former children's librarian and current board member of our county library and a collector of many, many books---besides the 'over 200' cookbooks I own.)

I'm also a very diverse reader.... I like many different types/genres of books. Character Mysteries are one of my favorite.....with recurring characters.

I like them for 2 reasons, well 3 if you count just being a good story, but I like to "be there" as the characters develop and grow (so this is why one must start from the beginning of a series), and I ---which brings me to this meme I'm just joining---love, Love, LOVE to learn about the places they are from. The towns, the countryside, the different regional habits and traditions.

I am from the west. Originally the Pacific Northwest, but for most of my life I've lived in Nevada (with a 5 year interval in California, which I loved), and these places seem common to me. Familiar, and not very exciting--which is not true. ( I love where I'm from!)

But by reading, one can "fall in love" with a region without ever leaving their backyard (and hammock and cookies).

This is the reason I've decided to take part in a new weekly meme, "Traveling Through Tuesday".....

Do you like to read books that set in a certain city, state, or country? Do you ever find a town in a book that just calls your name and you can't wait to tell someone about it?
...... I can't wait to share, hear about, learn about, READ about characters and the places they live, love and work.

Just go to "Lori's Reading Corner" and find out all the details.   I'm so excited!!
This week I'm in the middle of Charlaine Harris's first "Sookie Stackhouse" novel, "Dead Until Dark."

(its the basis for the HBO series, Tru-Blood)
First of all, I love Sookie, but I am so intrigued by visiting Louisiana....even if only in a novel. Bon Temp, Louisiana, is a fictional town where the setting of the book takes place.
I've always been fascinated by the south; the flow of the language, the customs, the manners, the characteristics.
Someday I'll visit, I'm sure, but until then....this is almost as good, since I can savor it and ponder it.
I'm excited to continue on with the series and to spend more time in Louisiana.

I'm also looking forward to each Tuesday now. Not only is LOST on tonight, but I get a whole new meme to look forward to.


Jessica White said...

I got through about 5 of the true blood books, but I'm still on the wait list for one of them...and it was from October.

Joie de vivre said...

Oh my goodness, now that I'm on the spot I can't think of the exact name or author, but it's this mystery series set in Charleston, S.C. The main character is a woman who owns a tea shop AND solves murders. It's so cute!

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