Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moody or not?

Today's "Booking Through Thursday" question is:  

Does your current mood affect your reading? Affect your choices? I know there are plenty of books I enjoy, but only if I'm in a particular kind of mood–or books that can lift me out of a bad mood without fail. Surely I’m not alone?

I am sure that my mood does affect my reading choices.  Like even tho, I love Stephen King, I have to be in the 'mood' to read him.  I have to be  'in the mood' to read Chick-Lit also, but I think the question is asking,  if you wake up in a melancholy mood, do you tend to choose a different kind of book  than if you'd woke up in a happy mood.
I'm sure the answer is  yes. But I can't see a pattern with me.  Because...I am always happy?  Well, more times than not, but everyone has 'moods'.  I am just not a moody person--usually.  (do not talk to my  husband and kids about this).

This doesn't particularly have to do with a 'mood', but when I was pregnant with my first son, 34 years ago,  I had just started "The Thornbirds"  (which was wildly popular and good and was made into a mini-series for TV), but I was so sick---SO SICK--with morning sickness, that every time I think of that book I hate it.  The thought of that book makes me want to puke. (sorry if that is too graphic).  I managed to make it thru to the end of the book, but  it was a horrible read for me.   I hate that book.

On the flip side, when my son was about  10, and  got really sick and had to be in bed for a few days,  I sat by his side and read "Dr. Doolittle" to him.  He loves that book and that is a good memory for him.

So, while those are not moods, I guess our choices of reading material can be influenced by lots of things going on with our lives.
Most of the time tho, a  book can take me away and make me feel better--just for having read it.


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I agree that books can take us away from whatever we're good ways.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy your reads.

bermudaonion said...

I consider myself happy too but, like you, have to be in the mood for certain books.

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