Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Blogger Hop

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Every Friday, she'll pose a question, submitted by a fellow book blogger.

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This week's question is:

Do you belong to an online book club? 
My answer:
No, not at this time.
I have in the past --- a few years ago  Sheila from Book Journey asked me to join her on-line book club, Word Shakers.
I did for a few times (if I remember correctly, it was not a monthly thing, but maybe a quarterly thing?)
It's just hard to commit to an on-line book club.
For me, that is.
I don't know why as I have  no trouble committing to 'in person' book clubs.  I belong to 4 of them, and I would join another if someone asked me to.
I love to talk all things books, and be around people who love books.
Back to the on-line bookclubs...   is that a 'read along' now?
Is is the same thing?
I did a read along just a few months ago.  A Stephen King Read along.
What's the difference between a read along and an on-line book club?
The long-term commitment? 


Elizabeth said...

Ooooo...four book clubs?

I used to belong to four, but couldn't keep up with them and my blog reviews.

Nice to see you stopped by my question...thanks.

Also glad to see you added your name to the linky list. We are starting to grow.

I hope more folks find The Book Blogger Hop.

Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

How is The Splendour Falls? She is an amazing author.


bermudaonion said...

I was in a online book club but it fell apart pretty quickly because no one would commit to a specific time. Thankfully my real life book club is still going strong.

Tina said...

I wish I belonged to any sort of book club. Online would be great for those times you can't physically meet up with people. But I think time restraints will keep me from it until I retire 😊.

Alysia A said...

4 of them!! WOW!! I am in 1 and that is a project to keep up with. LOL!

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