Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This and That

On being a grandma
Two phone conversations 

first of all...
picture these faces-- these cute little faces!

I was talking to them on Saturday and I asked them how their 
T-Ball game went.

Emmy:  Good.  
Eli: Good.
Emmy:  I got someone out Gram!
Eli:  (thinks for a moment, the says ) AND someone got me out Gram!

He was so excited.

Then  his sister said: I got someone out on the other team Eli.
He replied, with a big smile:  And someone from the other team got me out!

On Sunday, I got a phone call...
and a sweet little, sad voice says (Eli's) "are you coming to my birthday Gram?"

THE HANDYMAN has to work all weekend.
But, but, but...  how can I say no?

I will take a train, plane, automobile to  make it on time.
Neither, rain, nor sleet nor dark of night...
San Francisco, here I come.


bermudaonion said...

That is the best age - so, so sweet! I'd be at his party, too, if I could!

Karen said...

I completely understand :) Where are you going to be?

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