Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bout of Books Update

Last Day -- Update
Sunday, May 17th, 7pm
The only thing I didn't think thru was the internet access while I was at the Lake, but as far as reading---I did pretty good in the past 4 days!
I finished:

 464 pages
(finished the last 250 at the Lake)

and read this:
 368 pages

and am halfway thru this: 
 448 pages
(read 208 so far)

I think I'm done for the night/read-a-thon!
I did have some phone access, so I did a couple of tweets and instagrams this past weekend, but mostly I was just  sitting by the fire, watching the rain, and reading.
It was a wonderful weekend! 

I had a great time participating.
Did a couple of challenges at the beginning of the week, and then went into reading seclusion at the end of the week.

All together, I read 4 books/1392 pages,  and listened to about 10 hours of audio 
(Helter Skelter)

Good-bye Bout of Books!
See you next time.


Third update-- Day 3
3:55 pm   PST
I should have thought this out better.  I am leaving for a cabin in the woods tomorrow.
And I won't be back  until Sunday night.
A Cabin with no internet service. 
No cell service even.

It's our cabin.
We have to go open it up for the summer.  Turn on water and make sure pipes don't burst, etc.
Turn on the heat, things like that.
The weather forecast is rain. Lightning and thunder storms.
So, while I won't be able to update for the read-a-thon, until Sunday night, when it's almost over,
I will be stuck in the woods,  rain, pine trees, a crackling fire roaring in the fireplace, a good book!
What more could I want?
oh....The Handyman, of course.

and maybe some cookies.

Second Day update for 
Bout of Books

I finished the last 200 pages of 

I listened to another hour of
Helter Skelter

and I started this book:

read 100 pages of it.
I am really enjoying this one!

I am a pretty fast reader--when I have the time.
And since I'm read-a-thoning it --  that's all I'm about.
(You should see my house! )


First Day  

As I mentioned in my last post --- I was on a train all day yesterday, coming from the Bay Area to the middle of nowhere Nevada. progress this day is likely to be more than any other day this week.
Like 10x more.
It was a 10 hour train ride.

I finished up (last 100 pages):

and read half of  (200 pages):

And listened to  6.6 hours of (out of 26 hours):

I was planning on writing letters on the long train ride back and forth.
But for the most part, I just sat and read and  listened.
It was a good day.

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Julie @ Smiling Shelves said...

Enjoy all your reading time in front of a fire! I'm jealous! :)

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