Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Me, Myself, and Pie-- Cookbook Wednesday

It's Cookbook Wednesday!
And this is  #78 for me!
As  I said the last time I posted a cookbook for the countdown,  
this isn't even making a dent in my collection.
And it's #78!
This will keep me busy until I die. (posting from each cookbook)
I'm so glad I have a purpose in life!  A goal!  I can never give up!

Swing on over to Marjie  host of Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet to see other Cookbook enthusiasts. 
She's hosting for now, while Louise is on a break. (Hey Louise!)

This cookbook is pretty new to my shelf.  It's full of great 'pie' recipes, both savory and sweet. Tarts and quiches.  Anything that could be considered 'pie'.

This is what Goodreads has to say about this cookbook:

Filled with classic pie recipes such as apple and pecan, yet bolstered with modern pie innovations like pie pops, Thanksgiving Pie, and pies-in-a-jar, this is a collection of simple, straightforward recipes and stories of Amish life that will help bakers bring their families together around the table. Brimming with full-color photography of more than 100 recipes full of simple, wholesome ingredients and easy tried-and-true techniques that are sure to please any palate, this distinctive cookbook will help you bake the perfect Amish pie, whether you are a pie novice or a filled-pastry aficionado. Recipes include sweet and savory fillings, basic crusts, fruit pies, cream pies, meringues, scrumptious toppings, and so much more. Sprinkled throughout are Sherry Gore's personal stories of Amish life and culture that are best enjoyed over---what else?---a slice of homemade pie! Trim Size: 7 x 9

It's a beautiful book. Even if you never make a pie out of it --- it's just wonderful to look at.

I LOVE a good apple pie.
I just sometimes have a hard time deciding which I like best.
Some are made with just cinnamon and sugar
Some with  nutmeg and brown sugar.

There is a proper name for this kind of's not a tart, but a rustic---a rustic---hmmmm.
Well, it's me being lazy and just rolling out a big circle and piling apples in the middle and sprinkling a crunchy topping on and folding up the sides.
It's officially a Galette.  And it's very forgiving because-- well--look at it!
The important thing is... it tasted great.
All appley and cinnamony and sweet.

I used a baking stone that I sometimes make pizzas on, to bake this Galette and the juices flowed out. 
It was not stuck to the stone as it looks it might be.
I used a basic pie crust from "My, Myself and Pie".
Look how flaky the crust is. 

Pastry Crust
2 cups all purpose flour
1 tbls sugar (for sweet pies only)
1 tsp salt
3/4 cup + 2 Tbls butter flavored shortening
5 Tbls iced cold water
1 Tbls  vinegar

Blend flour, sugar and salt well in a large bowl.
Cut the shortening into pea sized pieces and work into the flour mixture until crumbs form.
In a separate bowl, mix old water and vinegar. Gradually add the water mixture to the flour mixture until combined. 
Shape the dough into a ball, cover in plastic wrap and chill for at least 30 minutes.
On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough  to a uniform thickness.  Place in a pie plate OR
make a Galette.
Bake at 400 for 8-12  minutes or until golden brown.
Let cool.
Makes 2  9-inch pie crusts.

I just used an apple filling from another source, and since this is my cookbook countdown  --  Number 78!!, and I only used the crust from this book-- that's all I'm giving you.

PS:   you can tell when I have nothing much to say and just want to get another cookbook counted down, right?
I usually go on and on and on....
Just wait till next time!

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Joyce says:
Cook-Your-Books is all about cooking or baking from your many cookbooks or magazines that you have collected over the years. If you love collecting cookbooks, read them like novels and love trying out new recipes, then this is the perfect place to share. It's time to get those books (or magazines) out of the shelves, and start using them. Bake or cook anything from any of your books or magazines, and link your posts to Cook-Your-Books here at Kitchen Flavours. The linky will start on the 7th of every month right up to the end of the month. 

You should get out your old cookbooks and join the fun at
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kitchen flavours said...

Your pie looks so yummy! What's not to love about flaky crust and oozy filling! Love it! I've just ordered a pie book, yup, one more to my collection! Will have to take a look at this book! Thanks for linking with CYB! I must remember to link with Cookbook Wednesday, I keep forgetting! Will link next week!

Karen said...

Oh, that looks so good. I *love* apple pie and coffee for breakfast!

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