Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About baked potatoes.

I have a question. About baked potatoes.
How does one make the "perfect" baked potato? I didn't think this deserved a whole blog post, but wanted to know how you did yours?
With foil? Without? Rubbed with butter or olive oil? In the microwave? Has anyone used those nifty little potato bags that were the rage (on the west coast anyway) at craft fairs this year?
I just gotta know!

How long do you cook yours? An hour? an hour and a half? 350 degrees? 400?
I just gotta know!
When I have a dinner party, I usually do them in foil, but just Rich and me, nada. Plain old skin on--washed of course--no butter or oil.

Last night's potato. Notice no sour cream? I'm on a diet...disregard the pool of butter.
What accompaniments do you put on yours? Butter? Sour cream? Bacon? chives? Cheese?
I just gotta know!

My sister in law Meghan is one of the best cooks around. (I have no idea how she does her baked potatoes )And she's quite witty. She's a bigger foodie than me.
I wish she would start a food blog. Seriously...she's a great cook. And she's not paying me to say this. ( LOL, she doesn't even know I'm saying this ) People ask her to cater every family/friend event, from birthdays to baby showers, to college graduations.
Just so that you "get it", I have her up on a cooking pedestal, so when she requested me to do this, of course I agreed.
"This" being.....
(from Meghan herself)

What if...for your food blog make it even harder (not that it isn't hard enough) and every other or every third time, have your followers pick your this by numbering your hundreds of cookbooks...they pick a number book and a page number .. and you MUST cook that recipe!? because your challenge isn't daunting enough...heehhee...just a thought!

But now I am having some control issues. It's hard to let go and have others choose my recipe, but I am a good sport. I'm a team player, so, I am going to start with Meghan. It's her idea, and she loves me. Right? Meghan?? I'll do it for her.
Here is my cookbook* for this week: (oh, I didn't read closely, did I? I didn't number my books, but chose one for you)

Beta Sigma Phi's
2007 Comfort Food...All Time Family Favorites.
208 pages.

WOW--KISMET!! I have 208 cookbooks to chose from. And this cookbook has 208 pages for Meghan to choose from. It's a sign....and I'm not even into signs, but what more could it be? LOL
I'll be waiting for Meghan to choose a page for me, and then I'll pick a recipe from that page and show it to you, cook it up this weekend and blog about it.

* once again, disregard pile behind the cookbook. I honestly don't have piles all over...apparently just behind the things I took pictures of this week.


Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great plan! Also sounds like you and Meghan have a ton in common!

I scrub my potatoes and pierce them, throw them right on the oven rack (middle) and bake them for an house at 400 degrees. We love them with butter, sour cream, bacon, cheese and the hubby likes them with chives. My potatoes have to be really super soft in order for me to be happy with them!

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

an hour...not an house! Hahaha...sorry!

Sheila said...

I really appreciate this blog; I am getting ready to post about baked potatoes next week. I did a bake potato makeover, a healthier version of a loaded bake potato.

Anyway, I usually bake in foil, but for the twice baked potato I didn't. Just rinse, salt and bake on cookie sheet for 1 hour at 400.

Cathy said...

There is NOTHING better than a loaded baked potato. When I have time I like to rub a big Idaho spud with olive oil and bake it in a 375 degree oven till very tender. The inside is light and fluffy and the outside crispy and delicious.

Microwaved is OK, but not even close to the real thing.

Kathleen Bauer said...

Potatoes: Same as Jennifer. Scrub, pierce, poke. 400°, one hour. Lots of butter and s.c. Tend to eschew the cheese.

As for the sib-in-law, would she be willing to write a post now and again? Sometimes that's less threatening than starting up a whole blog...

The Blonde Duck said...

I scrub mine and rub them with oil, then microwave them. My mom always baked them--it just seems I forget to!

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