Friday, November 18, 2011

It's no secret that I love my bookclubs....and the people in them.   We don't see each other on a regular basis, except for our once a month book discussion, but we have such fun when we do.

Last night was my Lit Wits book club and it was especially exciting because our host, Massey,  had just moved into a new home  (next months host has a new home too....woo hoo!) and we all were treated to a 'tour', which is so fun and exciting, but I think it interesting that when we were in the Massey's last home, we never asked for, or got,  a tour.
No one comes into my house either and wants to see my 'upstairs'.  (which is fine, please, please don't ask to see my upstairs!)
It just strikes me as funny that it is expected to  'tour' someone's 'new' home, but we never 'toured' their old home--since we always knew them in that one.

(dang, now I better have my 'upstairs' clean and ready to show at a moments notice. )

Massey has a very nice home and we had a very nice dinner and book discussion.
Dinner was Chicken Cacciatore (wonderful) the book was, Damned by Chuck Palahniuk  (weird, but intriguing, and smart). 

Our cute little  book club baby!  She's a Lit Wits girl!  She was born on a book club night!
Guaranteed to be a life-long reader!

Dinner was  so yummy!! 

And it just wouldn't be bookclub without a glass of wine  (or 2) 
OR...a great vodka drink, with a lime wedge.  I don't know how she made it, but it was quite tasty!

Here  she is 'framing' it.  That little vodka tonic.
(I just thought it funny, that her hands are pretty much framing it, as she tells another story)
(my friends hate it when I post random pictures....  but they always forgive me.  I think)

It was just a great book and dinner club night!  And I think we all (those of us who read it) had the same opinion of the book "Damned".  While it wasn't our favorite, we did really see the intellect of the author.  The story was wild and crazy and really some gross parts,  but also very smart and edgy.

from Goodreads:
The author described the novel as "if The Shawshank Redemption had a baby by The Lovely Bones and it was raised by Judy Blume." And "it's kind of like The Breakfast Club set in Hell."

Yep...the author had it right. 

And I really don't know if I would recommend it.... but I'm glad I read it.

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bermudaonion said...

I'd love to attend your book club but don't think I could stand the pressure of having to cook for everyone.

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