Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

It's time for Outdoor Wednesday.  Hosted by a Southern Daydreamer, this is a fun blog hop where you get to share your 'outdoor' pictures.

We live in rural Nevada.  There are very pretty things (do not fall off your chair laughing, there really are) in rural Nevada....but the sad thing is, you really do have to get off the roads to find them.  Well,  you have to 'take the time", I guess.   One cannot just drive thru Northern Nevada on Interstate 80 and say,  what can we see?  You really have to get off the freeway to appreciate us.
Wide Open Skies
fresh air
clear lakes (up in them thar mountains)
hiking, hunting....

I could go on, but I won't.  For now.

This is what it's like to drive Nevada Roads.......

You drive for miles and miles and miles.....and nope, we are not "there yet", just in case you're wondering.

If you look off to the side, you see mountains ....and that is where the pretty stuff is, but this is just about the drive for now.  We are not going off road.  
Silly fact  (for when you play Trivial Pursuit) Nevada is the most mountainous state in the whole United States.  We have more mountain ranges than any other state.   I'm not saying we have trees on them, but....we have the mountains. 

If you look close you can see the irrigation sprinklers.  We grow lots of alfalfa and potatoes up northern in Nevada.  Yes, it's dry, but the high desert is not full of cactus like you think of when you think Nevada--that would be Vegas, and that is about an 8 hour drive for us.  On roads like this.  

When you see a clump of trees off in the distance, that is where a farm house is.   A family home.  We have lots of cattle and sheep ranchers in Northern Nevada.

With my naked eye, I could see the coyote in the alfalfa field.  Can you spot him?

When we were out for a drive one afternoon, we saw the moon out.  It was the middle of the 3:00. 
Maybe it was closer to 4:00, but still very early for the moon to be out.  Or to be seen anyway.

Be sure and stop by a Southern Daydreamer to check out more great outdoor pics!


Andy said...

Beautiful but dry.

Karen said...

Since my head is full of useless trivia anyway, I'm adding the Most Mountainous State: Nevada to the mix. Nice pictures... I miss the desert!

bermudaonion said...

That's beautiful, but so remote!

Saun said...

Thanks for sharing and I do see the coyote. Great pics..

JO said...

It just too hot to live there... I almost got a heat stroke when I was in Vegas in May of last year.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

Tina said...

I saw the coyote! We have them here too and I love the call of the pack when they get going. But the scenery - wow! When Doug gets home and I show him these photos he'll be ready to pack up and move. Great open places to ride the bike and I'll bet beauitful skies for his telescope. Thanks for sharing these!

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