Thursday, August 15, 2013

Booking Through Thursday

Today's question asks:
I've asked before how you feel about lending your books. I’ve asked how you feel about libraries. But—how do you feel about borrowing books from friends? Is this something you like to do? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or rushed while reading? Does it affect how you feel about the book you’re reading, pressured into liking it?

and my answer is:
I don't borrow books from friends (unless I HAVE to read it right away for a book-club),  and I HATE IT when someone just gives me a book and says 'read it', because they are so many in my own TBR pile, I feel imposed upon to read the one they gave me.
Let me clarify that...a gift of a book is WONDERFUL, but shoving a book at me and  saying "you've got to read this"  is not.

I need to learn to graciously say,  "oh, sorry, but I won't be able to get to that for a month or so, so you might want to hang on to it for now."
If they make me take it anyway, then I feel very pressured to get to it, even if I didn't want to.  And I might even not like it, even if it were good because I would be feeling passive-aggressive.  ~sigh~

I am weird.

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly bookish meme that I participate in sometimes.   I wish I did it more often as it is fun just to think about these questions sometimes.


bermudaonion said...

I don't like to borrow from friends for the same reason - the book will probably languish in my stacks.

~~louise~~ said...

I don't usually borrow books from friends either. I'm very choosy about what I'm reading and shoving a book in my face isn't fair to me or the book. Just saying...

Thanks for sharing, Debbie...

Tina said...

I have so many stacks of books I am the same as you, I won't borrow unless its for a book club and I need it ASAP. Plus...what if it is a favorite of theirs and I loath it?!
I go to used book stores lots so I am not put in that position much :-)

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