Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deliverance (and other news)

from Goodreads:
The setting is the Georgia wilderness, where the states most remote white-water river awaits. In the thundering froth of that river, in its echoing stone canyons, four men on a canoe trip discover a freedom and exhilaration beyond compare. And then, in a moment of horror, the adventure turns into a struggle for survival as one man becomes a human hunter who is offered his own harrowing deliverance.

from Me:
4 stars.
Let me just say --- one of the best books ever.
Perhaps not in your comfort zone, but the way it was written?  Wow!
It's expressive and  poetic and emotional....and troublesome and alarming.

I listened to this on audio and I love Will Patton's voice.
I'm a little bit in love with that teeniest of southern twang in his voice.
He does an excellent job with this book.
I bought this book because of his voice.
Audible was having a two for one sale---something I didn't feel I could pass up, but the list was a bit limited, and I saw this and thought,  why not?
I'm so glad I did.

We've all seen the movie (haven't you?), so you know the gist of how it goes.
Creepy hillbillies and all?
Let me just say in defense of Georgia....  even Nevada has  hillbillies.
They live in the flat desert, but still, same thing.


We are leaving for our cabin in the morning, where I'll have no internet or computer, but I'll have books and coffee and mountains and rivers and pine trees and a lake, and trails to walk along.
Oh..and the Handyman.  I'll have him too.

I'll be back in a week... and you can picture me here:


bermudaonion said...

Okay, I've read 5 or 6 posts this morning and two of you have praised Will Patton's narration. I obviously need to listen to something he reads. Not sure this is the one - I've never had the guts to watch the movie. I've been told I have a Southern twang, but I don't.

Karen said...

Have fun!

Tina said...

I read Deliverance years ago and it's well written, I liked it despite the creep factor !
Beautiful getaway, I'm jealous!! Relax and enjoy.

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