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Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown #341 Hot Apricot Punch


I must get this done!  At least to prove something to myself if not the Handyman...

...about 22 years ago, 50 of my closest friends and family, who had been on an
  e-mail forum with me, sent in recipes in different categories and we compiled a cookbook.
I decided to count those down!
because one night I was looking thru the cookbook and I said, "I should make every recipe in here for my blog."
The Handyman/Mayor, who thinks he knows me better than I know myself, said "you'll never EVER do that."
Well, maybe I will!  Maybe I'll show him!

Which brings us to one of my recipes--Hot Apricot Punch. Number 341 on the countdown.

I searched high and low for apricot 'nectar'.  

Here is the deal--I turned this in to our Friday Friend Cookbook countdown editor (Barbara Brown) as one of my favorites--because that's what we were supposed to do--turn in our favorites.
But I have no recollection of every having made this in my life!
It was good, but the first time I have ever had it or tasted it was when I made it for this countdown.

I must have imagined it would be good.

So, let's do some more imagining.
Go back with me, if you will, 22.5 years ago, when, at a graduation party for my middle son, Dustin, I went around to all the guests and asked them what their dream job was.

Now let me just say--it was late in the party and there might have been some alcohol involved.  Maybe.
BUT--YES, I have saved this handwritten list for 22 years.
In case you doubt me?

I couldn't put a photo of everyone who told me their dream job---that would be way too many photos, so I chose a select few from the party.  Where alcohol might have been involved.   Not saying it was or wasn't.  

But let me start with how the party was going---

It was 'warmish'.  It was only the 1st of June after all.
The Pacific Northwest family (in the kiddie pool was one of my favorite brothers-in-law, Mike) was HOT.
The Arizona family/friends were loving the cool and being able to actually be outside in the sunshine.  
The local friends and family were just happy it was a nice day.
And that there was alcohol. (did I mention there might have been?)

Now for the dream job list!
Those cute people in the photo above?
Gina--dreams of being a famous figure skater.
Larry--would have loved to have been a puffer fighter pilot.
Mitzi--missed her calling as a famous watercolorist and veterinarian.
Another of one of my favorite brothers-in-law, Scott--would love to be the owner of a cruise ship.
And Barb just wants to be a singer on stage or a checker at Safeway.

These were lofty goals my friends! Too bad you fell short.  

Look, it's two of my favorite sisters-in-law.
LeAnne always dreamt of being a Neonatal Nurse.
Cherrie?  A mistress to a wealthy person.

(I did say alcohol, right?)

My good friend Peggy!  She would have made a great traveling graphic artist.
And one of my mothers-in-law, (I had two of them! this is the Handyman's stepmother) Pat wanted to be a head taster--at a Swiss chocolate factory. 

If I had two mothers-in-law, it stands to reason I have two fathers-in-law.
The one above?  Phil? Since his younger years has always wanted to be the piano player in a whorehouse.

GEEZ LOUISE!!  I didn't even know he played the piano!

The one below (on the right) his name is Richard Stone (so is his son, my husband), well his dream is to be a wine taster or the center for the Lakers.

The guy next to him is Mike, one of my favorite brothers-in-law, who is still to this day, 22 years later, trying to live his life-long dream of being a professional recreationalist. 

There is Barb again, singer or Safeway checker?  You be the judge.
Another of my favorite brothers-in-law, Greg, who has always wanted (every since I've known him, 46 years) to be a professional chef.
And me-- a columnist.  OR a cultural sociologist/anthropologist/archeologist.  My dream job. 

and last of the photos but never the friends--
John and Robbie.
She always wanted to be a famous painter or sculptor.  
John's dream job would be to be a lawyer--another a-hole. (His words, not mine) (I did say that maybe alcohol was consumed?)

Again, not room for photos of everyone, but dream jobs?
Here you go:

Leslie--a singer
Don--pro basketball player
Ashley--worker at Disneyland
April--Cruise Director
Mom B (my other mother-in-law) wants to be a CSI.
My mom--to work in a baby nursery.
My dad-- PI (he said he's too old to dream.  He was a private investigator at this time)
David-- a sports physician
Charmie-- another CSI
Jeff--audio engineer
Michael--a DJ

Doug and Rich?
one a playboy photographer and one a p--n star.
You decide.

And two of my children
Luke (who was 21 at the time) wants to grow up to win the megabucks.
Dustin (whose graduation we were all celebrating--with alcohol, did I mention that?)  wants to inherit the Dry Cleaners!
(we owned one at the time)

There were more people at the party, but I started late, so only the hangers on got to tell me their dream job.

So, friends, My friends!  This is recipe #341
out of 361 (I'm 99% sure I have all the math down pat now) (it would have helped if I had gone in a linier progression instead of jumping all over the place)
2023 will be the year!!
(Although I'm slow going) (soooo  slow)

Then what will I do?

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