Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cooking Club—Italian


“Friendship is the butter on the bread of life.” 

Cooking Club-- October 2020.
If you recall, we last met a mere week before the pandemic broke out worldwide, on February 28th, 2020.
We waited patiently for there to be a break in COVID so we could get together again. was not happening.
So, we bent the rules. 
We chose to become rule breakers--we are a wild and crazy bunch of cookers and even tho the government and health departments all over the US were warning us to stay away from each other still, we just couldn't do it. 
So we gave in and had Italian food.

And as Sally said, "we'll never again take for granted the company of good friends and good food."

It never fails---one of us always buys a new cookbook for cooking club.

April always sets a nice table.

There is just one thing--and this has nothing to do with the table or the food, but rather, our hearts were sad because our friends, Shelly and Lorin were actually in the process of making a move. A move to another state.  It won't happen for another year, but being the future thinkers that we are, we invited Mike and Theresa Mavity to be the new 'substitutes'. 

“The love of good food and the love of good friends are two of the simplest yet greatest pleasures in life.”
It's so true!
It's so simple, and yet the best thing in the world.
This--THIS--is my kind of gathering. 
Food and friends.  In someone's home.

The new people laughing and having fun! 

Actually, there are only new to this group.  We've all known each other for years.
AND they are happy to be the subs.

See!  Theresa is so happy being a substitute---she's thinking "there is no way I'm making something that time consuming and complicated." 

We had lasagna and an antipasto salad and gelato and Neapolitan cookies...and other Italian dishes all made from scratch. 
Lots of good food.
(lots and lots of carbs)
Then enjoyed the evening with good conversation and discussions about Italy and food.

Scenes from the evening....of friends and food.

Giving away her honey.
She had bees.
(the bees liked the COVID year)

The end!
This was the best cooking club ever!
With the best friends ever!

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Fermentation, pickled, raw, clean food. 

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