Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call me crazy

Last night I went to  the "Library Book Club".

If you know me at all, you know that I belong to two book clubs already  (and the Literary Guild which is a lunch meeting where members give a  book report) Totally Lit and the Lit Wits.  
They are both different.  One is supper/cooking club also and one is not (desserts only),  one makes a plan a 3-6 months in advance, one  unveils the next book at the monthly meeting, but in each group, everyone gets a chance to pick a book.
I love them both and have made great friends in each group.  My friend Gini is in Totally Lit  and she also facilitates the  "Library Book club", which I went to last night.  I thought I would show my support for her.
It's so funny how different they all can be. 

The Library Book club,  meets at the library, not in a members home, in a meeting room where we all sit around a conference table.  There is no small talk, no snacks, no desserts and it last only an hour.   And at the end of the book discussion we all have to say if we:  recommend,  recommend with reservations or not recommend.   And it's recorded in a notebook.

I liked it.  I decided to continue to go---but that I would listen on audio to all the books  for that club.  They choose a year in advance, so that the library can order the books they use.

Call me crazy.

I have finished 2 books in the past couple of days....

A Grown Up Kind of Pretty  (very, very good)  (  I will recommend!!)

Lone Wolf (very good.)   (I will also recommend!!)

In other news, they come to make a template for my new counter top tomorrow!  and then it should be a week to 10 days.


bermudaonion said...

You're not crazy! I've read both of those books and would recommend them as well. I know you're excited about the new countertop.

Tina said...

I'm on the list at the library for Lone Wolf. Glad to hear it's a good one. Can't go wrong with Picoult.

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