Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros -- and I'm back! (not that you knew I was away)

I'm back!
I always have perfectly good intentions to write blog posts while I'm gone, but I get distracted---

How can one NOT  get distracted by these cuties?
Luigi and the Bumble Bee.

BUT---more about them later (much much more)

Today is Tuesday--- which means I'll be joining up with Diane at Bibliophile By the Sea and her First Chapter, First Paragraph
Tuesday Intros, 
Where,  bloggers post the first paragraph of a book they are thinking of reading --- and get everyone's opinion to see if it grabbed them from the beginning or not.
Click here to join the fun!

My paragraph:

Fear twisted Dominic Stanton's stomach,compressed his chest until his breath came shallow and quick.
He told himself he was being a fool. A fool and a coward. He was a Stanton, for Christ's sake. In less than two months he would be nineteen years old.  Men his age--younger, much younger--went off to war.

My book?

What do you think?
Should I keep reading?

This is my truth!:  We drove for 13 hours yesterday---back from Arizona and I came to work this morning WITHOUT my book, to copy the paragraph on this post.
BUT, as luck would have it (I live in Nevada, we believe in luck--lady luck and all that jazz) there was an Amazon package waiting for me here at work with this book in it!

It's a regency, romance, mystery. 
Not my usual fare, BUT, there is great character development in the series and they are a quick fun read.

When I was a young bride (I was 18 when I got married) I used to read a lot of historical romances. (Our son Luke is named after a character in a book called "The Wildest Heart".  The Handyman does not know this-- he just liked the name Lucas when I brought it up. Shhhhhh...... )

Where was I? Oh yes, I used to read historical romance and the Handyman liked to camp and hike.  I was 18-- I used to imagine that I was in a historical romance and was being FORCED to hike, and the Handyman would come and save me.
He, of course, didn't know any of this.  He was a much older mature man of 24.(this age difference didn't mean as much in 1977, as it does in today's world. It was more common place)
He just wanted to hike 8 miles up a mountain to look at a lake.
I had to put myself in an imaginary world to do that.

Oh Handyman, Handyman, please give me a drink from your canteen, my lips are parched!  If you give me a drink, I'll give you...

Handyman:  WHAT?? Hurry up there are people behind you--they need to get past. 

Oh Handyman Handyman, there are big old horse flies biting my delicate skin!  If you be nice and shoo them away, I'll be nice and...

Handyman:  WHAT??  We just have a couple miles to go--if you didn't go so slow, we'd be there by now.

(sigh) He's always been much more practical and down to earth than I.
My point is--that I did  used to read romance novels.  And then I quit for some reason. (maybe because they are all basically the same) 
BUT, when I go back today 30+  years later and read them--they are fun again!!

So, YES, I'll keep reading!!

and to bring it all back around---our son Luke/Lucas--named after Half-breed*, Lucas Cord of Rosemary Rogers'  The Wildest Heart,  is the father of  Luigi and the Bumble Bee!

See where books can get you?

*my disclaimer.  In historical romances and well as regency (another word for British historical romances) it is important to point out the 'different than norm' of the main characters.  This seems to give them some kind of 'pull'.  Like we always root for the underdog?  So, yes I was being sarcastic when I wrote Half-breed, but yet... he was. And he was tall, dark and Handsome!!


Literary Feline said...

Such adorable costumes. :-) I can definitely see why you'd be distracted. I am glad you made it home safely from your trip. Oh, how I hate it when I leave my book at home. :-( I am glad it worked out for you though.

I have found that to be true for me too--I'm like you, a bit of a dreamer and romantic. I used to read romance novels when I was much much younger and only recently have found myself getting back into them.

I really like the intro you shared. I've been wanting to read something by C.S. Harris for some time now. I would definitely keep reading. Love the cover too.

Stefanie said...

Thank you for sharing those entertaining tidbits. I hate having idle hands or minutes of time where I have nothing to do so I understand not liking leaving your book at home. The costumes are terrific on these cuties.

Donna H said...

I hope you enjoy the book. Girl Who Reads

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

cute costumes.

not sure about this book for me, but hope you like it.

Sandra Nachlinger said...

I loved your post, especially your imaginings on the hiking trail! Why Mermaids Sing sounds like a good book.
My Tuesday post features Emma Knows All.

Nise' said...

They both are adorable. Loved the story of how your son got his name. I read that book many years ago! This one sounds very intriguing. Happy reading.

Margot said...

I love this post. Pure fun. I'm not sure about reading your featured book. I think I'm going to search for The Wilderst Heart.

Karen said...

Haha... there's probably a lot of things the Handyman doesn't know LOL. The kids are adorable!

Peggy Ann said...

I vote for reading more of your comments on the book! Fun post!

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