Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nonfiction November Week 2

Welcome to the second week of Nonfiction November. Our host this week is Leslie (Regular Rumination)
For the second week of Nonfiction November, we are discussing Book Pairings. The original intention of this week’s theme was put together a fiction book and a nonfiction book that go well together. If you decide to pair two nonfiction books together, that works too! It could be two (or more!) books you’ve read, one book you’ve read and one you have not, or two books that you’ve added to your TBR and want to read that you think will complement and inform each other.
I have to be honest--when I first read week #2 topic, I read what non-fiction book would you pair with a movie.
I've been racking my brain to figure that one out.
  It' what I get for reading too fast.
So...let me give you my recommendations for a pairing or two.
I am reading the Oregon Trail (almost done) for NFN and I'm loving it.

I think a good Fiction pairing for this book would be:
A Louis L'Amour book.
(My grandfather's favorite author.)
This happens to be the only L'Amour book I've ever read, and I read it because it's a great read-a-loud!   I was a determined and passionate READ-Aloud parent!
 I read it to my boys when they were younger.
It's about 2 children who survive a massacre on the Oregon Trail.
After the massacre Hardy and Betty Sue were left with only a horse and a knife with which to face the long battle against the wilderness. A seven-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl, stranded on the limitless prairie. They were up against starvation, marauding Indians, savage outlaws, and wild animals. They were mighty stubborn, but the odds were against them--and their luck was about to run out.
If you are passionate about reading aloud to your kids (or nieces or nephews or grandchildren) this is a great book!  It's for a little bit older/experienced readers/listeners, but well worth it.
I think it fits the 'If you liked this, you might like this" topic.
I also think these would make a good pairing---
The Aviator's Wife and  Lindbergh.
He was an intriguing and very interesting man. 
His wife (according the Aviator's Wife) a saint.
While I haven't read 'Lindbergh', I think it would be a great read-- to see what fact was mingled in with the fiction read.

And now, because I'm a dork and can't read right---do you want to know my non-fiction book to movie pairing?
It's a subject that is fascinating to me.
This Book:

And this Movie:
And those are my pairings!
Off to read!


JoAnn said...

Perfect Oregon Trail pairing!I would like to read Helter Skelter one day, too.

bermudaonion said...

I loved The Aviator's Wife but didn't love Charles Lindbergh after I read it. I remember adding that Manson book to my wish list - I wonder if I ever got it?

Julie @ Smiling Shelves said...

Charles Lindbergh has always fascinated me. I have the Aviator's Wife on my TBR. Now I may need to add that biography as well!

Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings said...

I've read The Aviator's Wife and Helter Skelter. Both books left me wanting to learn more about these people. Thanks for the pairings - I now have more books to check out!

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