Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Post #3

This is my Sunday Post #3
The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It's the 100th anniversary of the Funny Papers!  I know because I saw it on CBS Sunday morning.
So my question is....does anyone say 'Funny Papers" anymore?  Or is Comic strips or Comics more common?
When I was little we used to say funnies, but I haven't heard that for years, until this morning.
I guess it's the 100th anniversary of King Comics:
 a celebration of the 100th anniversary of King Features Syndicate, a company that syndicates long-running features like Blondie, which started in 1930, and Beetle Bailey, which started in 1950 — and relatively new strips like Mutts, 1994, and Zits, 1997.

My dad loved Beetle Bailey.
If newsprint is fading away, does that mean the Funny papers too?
I have a lazy Sunday planned.  I am going to make some of my mom's  Chex Mix-- she always called it TV Mix.  It's getting to be that time of year, the funny thing is, while I thought of making it this afternoon, I got a text from my Sister-in-law just a bit ago...
she said:
Hi!  Thought of you and your mom.  Happy Holidays!  Love you!
Besides making Chex/TV Mix, I really need to do a few loads of laundry, but I don't have to cook today! Yay.  I love to cook---half of this blog is about cooking,  BUT I spent all afternoon cooking yesterday for company and now we will have leftovers.
I love to cook--when I want to cook, but not when I have to cook.
Today would have felt like  a 'have to' day.
Other than that, I have  3 books I need to finish by Thursday. (sigh)  I vow to try really hard to read as much as I can.
This past week on my blog:
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In Observance Of....  Love discovering new things about my family/ancestors and am so Thankful for men and women who serve our country!
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I can't let my Sunday post go by without at least mentioning Paris.
Prayers.  There is nothing else to say.



bermudaonion said...

I still see, "See you in the funny papers," so I guess that means I'm pretty old.

Stefanie said...

This the first I've heard of the phrase "funny papers". I used to read Dagwood and Beetle Baily all the time.

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