Friday, October 7, 2016

Book Blogger Hop and Fabulous Friday

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This week's question is:

  Name one book that scared you so badly that you couldn't finish reading it.

My answer is.....
I've never not finished a scary book.
Scary books are kind of fun and get your adrenaline going.

One time,  long ago, when I was newly married, 38 years ago,  on a cold winter night in January, my husband was doing inventory (he worked for JCPenney at the time), so he was going to be working late into the  night. 
I was all alone, so of course I would pick up my book, right?
I was reading the Amityville Horror AND I had the Twilight Zone on the TV.  At about  2 in the morning  I began to  hear strange noises on the patio--I can't even explain them--it was a crashy slushy sound, really weird.  What did I do? 
I went and got my husband's gun (he was also a reserve police officer at the time)  and set it on the coffee table in front of me (not that I knew how to use it, the safety was on the whole time he told me) but I DID NOT stop reading or having Twilight Zone on for background noise.

So no, I don't stop reading a scary book, although I don't read many of them.
I'm very diverse in my reading, but scary books are probably one of the lowest on the list.
And scary movies?  Not for me.  I guess I can always put the book down and walk away if I need to,  but scary movies -- in a theater-- you can't.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule--Alfred Hitchcock movies are great!

oh...and the scary sound was just icicles falling of the roof and crashing on the patio. 
The Handyman and I still laugh about that night, because when he walked in soon after 2--he looked at the gun and then at me and said  "Honey, I told you I'd be late!"
(and then later---what were you going to do with that gun? Throw it at me? Cuz the safety is on)

And now...

Each and every Friday, Michelle of the blog, That’s What She Read, shares what makes  Friday a Fabulous day for her and she has a Mister Linky where you can share your own post of what makes your own Friday fabulous.
Just click here to check it out for yourself!

Can I just always say that I have Fridays off so they are all Fabulous?

Today I am joining some old friends for lunch, so that will be fun to catch up with them, and it's Fall, and there are crunchy leaves to walk thru on the ground and crisp air and sweatshirts to wear.
And then later I get to cook!
Just call me a dork and get it over with--YES, I like to fool around in my kitchen and make new recipes and  (okay this is really dorky) work on my Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown.

So, I guess it's Fabulous to know yourself and know what you like to do and have fun doing it.
Have a great--I mean Fabulous--Friday!


Tina said...

I haven't had one so scary I couldn't finish it but I did read Pet Cemetery by Stephen King and had to wake my husband in the middle of the night to escort me to pee !!

Katherine P said...

I'm over here laughing! What a great story! I haven't read the book but I've seen both movies so can understand getting creeped out - especially with that unknown sound! I know how to use the guns we have but I'm in trouble if I ever have to use them because my aim is awful!

bermudaonion said...

I avoid scary books but did try to read Interview With a Vampire and couldn't finish it.

Kailana said...

We have no guns in our house, so I find the concept of just walking up and grabbing a gun funny all on its own. It is not something I would even think of. lol

Elizabeth said...

Scary doesn't work well with me. :)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

I want to finish my book tonight. It is quite good. I am reading THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE by Santa Montefiore.

Happy Hopping!!

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My Blog Hop Answer

Maggie Seagraves said...

I love scary anything and don't scare easily either! I agree that creepy stuff really gets the adrenaline going - that rush is so much fun! Happy reading! :D

Stefanie Ng said...

LOL; that was a cute story. The only time I got freaked out was when our house alarm went off for the first time. You know I'm born and bred SF where we lived on the second floor and had bars on certain windows besides gates. My heart raced furiously when that ear-piercing alarm went off. It was a faulty wire.

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