Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

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Last evening I had to attend a "BAH" Business After Hours Mixer for work,  usually I don't like to 'have' to attend anything, but this Mixer is always fun, because it's a sneak peak of the Fall Farm Adventures at the Lazy P Adventure Farm.
We get to go thru the corn maze before it opens up to the public.
After all the speeches, etc,  We were able to do the BIG corn maze and make it thru in record time. 
Our grandson Camron is going to be a 'corn cob' this year.  It's his life ambition to be a corn cob. 
Okay, not really-- I just like saying it.
A Corn Cob is someone who works the corn maze making sure no one is destroying or doing what they shouldn't do, or are lost.  He gets to spend his Saturdays in October wandering around in a corn maze.

I love fall and anything that has to do with fall... so here are a few snapshots of our Mixer last night and our corn cob grandson and then a few of my backyard just now.

Lazy P Corn Maze Mixer:

Cam and Grandad trying to figure out the clues on how to get thru this maze!

Once upon a time I said "I like to watch corn grow" MEANING when we drive by corn fields it changes fast--corn grows kind of fast. 
He said I was a cheap date.
He's lucky I'm still with him!

My backyard:
I need to get out there an pull up stuff before winter comes. 
I just like the fall-ish-ness of it.
The Handyman asks me? "dead leaves?  you like dying stuff?"
Kind of--I do.
(he just sees work)


bermudaonion said...

Looks like a fun evening!

Louise said...

The corn maze looks great- I've done a couple of mazes, but not a corn one- I guess it can be different every year?

Stefanie Ng said...

How fun!

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