Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Soup--Paella Soup

Paella Soup

The Handyman's words of wisdom about this soup.
Me:  Do you like this soup?
HM: Mmm Hmmm.
Me:  You do?
HM: (stopping mid spoon to his mouth)  UH Huh!

So there you have it:  GOOD SOUP.

(oops....forgot the peas.  Imagine if you will, how pretty this table would be with a few green peas in the soup)

It had all the ingredients of Paella, but in soup form.
I have to be honest---I did not buy saffron.  I've spent a lot of money on ingredients that I only need a tsp of,  and had no qualms about doing so ...  but I just couldn't do it for the saffron.  So, I Googled it and found out there is really no substitute spice for saffron.  I did find one mixture that comes close: turmeric and paprika.  I forget the exact ratio off the top of my head, but if you want, you can Google it also.
Since I had both turmeric and paprika in my cupboard, that's what I did.
I also did not blend the veggies and rice to a creamy consistency.  I thought I wanted it more brothy-ish, and I wanted to feel the texture of rice in my mouth.

I just realized that I forgot the peas!
I bought the peas--which are still sitting in my freezer.
YOU don't forget the peas.

This soup is filled with chicken and sausage and shrimp.
A really good main dish soup!

I found this soup in  the cookbook 'Sunday Soup' a Years's Worth of Mouthwater, Easy to Make, recipes by Betsy Rosbottom.

 I am going to link up  with

Souper Sundays at Kahakai Kitchen!
Souper Sundays is a weekly blog event that started because of her love of soup and a desire to work through the many soup and soup-like recipes in cookbooks and magazines, Deb set a goal to make a soup or "soupish" dish each week and post it each Sunday and invited others to do the same.


bermudaonion said...

Soup is the best part of the cold weather months.

Michelle said...

This sounds delicious! I am going to have add this to my list of soups to make this winter!

Deb in Hawaii said...

This soup looks perfectly delicious and satisfying. I like that you left it brothy with the rice--to me it makes it more paella-ish. ;-)

Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week!

Karen said...

Mmm... that looks really good. Nice salad, too!

Stefanie Ng said...

Soup is great comfort food.

Tina said...

Saffron is expensive so, when I win a substantial sum of money I am buying quite a bit. Sending some to all my cooking friends!
Great soup, I love a good soup.

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