Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chocolate Chip Cookie #18 in the search for the perfect one

In the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie (which is my mom's  cookie by the way)--don't count this one in!

And I feel horrible for saying that as it is a finalist in this cookbook:

But... while it had a great texture coming out of the oven--very crisp/crunchy with a chewy inside -- it did not hold up.  The next day, they were  soft-ish (lost their crisp/crunchy bite) and then dry inside.  And....and.... they didn't taste great.  Whoever thought I'd say that about  a chocolate chip cookie?  Not me!  But they weren't worth keeping around, so I tossed them.
Yes.  Threw them away.  We ate a few, but even the Handyman said they weren't worth keeping.

I'm not sharing the recipe, but if you really want to try it for yourself,  tell me in the comments and I'll get you that recipe.
They look pretty tho!

It was a very sad day.
They were not so Joyous, after all.

Please forgive me Robin Joy Minnick wherever you are.
I'm sure it had to do with altitude!  And humidity. 
and old corn syrup, that's it!
Who am I to judge?!


bermudaonion said...

They do look good but taste is more important.

Katherine P said...

They are pretty and I love pecans in my chocolate chip cookies but taste is the most important! My grandmother once made the best chocolate chip cookies by total accident. Something about how long she baked them and the ingredients made this wonderfully crunchy almost caramalized deliciousness but she never could figure out exactly what she did. However, there were ALWAYS chocolate chip cookies at her house because she was always trying to recreate them and while she never figured out exactly what she did the results of her experiments were always pretty tasty.

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