Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Choose a Book

Today I read a great blog post from Sheila at Book Journey, where she asked  how we choose our books for our book clubs.  (she was inspired by  Elizabeth at Silver's Reviews--great blog post too!)

Everybody knows I belong to 5 book-clubs, because I talk about them all the time, BUT, I can't help it, I love them.
They are truly my favorite form of socialization.  (does that make me sound like an anti-social  introvert?  Oh well)

Book club Love!  (just click on the link for some)

Now, let me tell you about how we choose a book.

Totally Lit Book Club
At the beginning of our book club year,  (which oddly is in the fall)  we each bring a book we want to read/discuss and put it on a piece of paper, then we draw them out from a hat.  So we each get a turn, but we know a year in advance what our month will be---so as soon we have a book in mind, we email it out.  So far we know the books we will be reading for the next three months.

Book Club Love!  (just click on the link for some)

Lit Wits Book Club
My book and cook club!
We meet once a month at a members home, where she fixes the meal.  It is 'sometimes' book themed, as much as possible anyway.
At the end of the evening,  the host for the next month reveals her book choice, so we have a month to find, buy, borrow read the book.
We have no price limits or anything like that---for either of these two book clubs.

Book Club Love!  (Just click on the link for some)

Literary Club Luncheon
It used to be called  "the Literary Guild" and is one of the oldest clubs in Winnemucca.    I am one of the youngest and I am 54.
We don't read the same book, but we are assigned a group and each group is assigned a month and someone from the group gives a book report.  We meet a local restaurant so the others in the group, decorate the tables,  prepare a give-away or dessert and do the calling and reminding and give an RSVP count to the chef.
We donate money to give all the 3rd graders in the county a dictionary each year.

Book Club Love!  (just click on the link for some)

UMW  (United Methodist Women) Book Club
We meet quarterly throughout the year, usually at the church, sometimes at noon, sometimes we bring a sack lunch.
We read---not churchy books as one might think, but  more about 'critical thinking of current issues" kind of broaden our horizons and to help us keep open minds, open hearts and open doors  (the motto of the United Methodist Church):
  • Increase sensitivity to all human beings—their needs, interests and concerns.
  • Encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today.
  • Grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life.
  • Enhance self-knowledge and act from that knowledge.
  • Strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.
So, we choose from a list given to the entire United Methodist Women in the United states. 

Book  Club Love!  (just click on the link for some)


The Library Book Club!
I am very excited about this one because of the way we choose the books.  For the past two  years in the fall, we sit down with a list of books that I have found from BEA --Book Expo America.
No, I've never been lucky enough to attend, but I keep track thru my on-line friends and the BEA website.  And in there, you can find a link --hidden away in all the promos and reports and excitement,  from one of the sessions-- about upcoming  bets on Good books for book clubs!
Last year, I think they had a speed dating session, where the publishers had timed sessions with book blogger where they tried to sell their  books for book clubs!
Some of these books have been GREAT, and some I've never heard of again.
Anyway, we choose from this list---and it's quite long usually.  We all go thru pass around a paper with book cover and description and make a mark on it if we like it.  The 9 or 10 with the most marks wins!   (we save a couple of months for other books)

Book Club Love!  (just click on the link for some)

And that's how we choose our books for the book clubs that I'm in.

It's fun, fun fun!


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Holy smokes! That is amazing and fantastic all rolled into one! I love the diversity of the groups and the way you pick the books. I really like the idea of the cooking one - someday I would like to do something like that.

Thanks for writing the post :)

bermudaonion said...

I've been to that speed dating event two years in a row and have brought back material and ideas for my book club and they won't listen to me. They generally want to read books off of the bestseller list. Sure, some of them are good, but many of them are not all that discussable. It frustrates me! I want to join your book club!

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