Thursday, November 8, 2007


As we approach our 8th anniversary.... it was a cold winter day in December 1999, when I wrote all my friends and asked: What's for dinner?

Everyone answered right away. I had an "idea". I cut. I pasted. I sent all the answers out.
It was a Friday... you were all my friends.
The rest is history.

I've added. Found old family friends. 2nd cousins, once removed. our children as they come of age. In-laws, out-laws, even a "man-group".

But......hmmmm....I ....... I....... I've lost my train of thought!!

Happy approaching anniversary? who's been here since 1999?
No, that wasn't it.

I think....maybe in all these years, some of you have realized that I like music. It's important to me.
so here are my two thoughts for today on music (I think the anniversary was what got me sidetracked)

1. There is a new CD out by Robert Plank and Allison Kraus. I bought it. Robert Plank was the lead singer for Led Zepplin (whom I love) and Allison Kraus, is a bluegrass singer. (whom I love)
The CD is great. But hard for me to pinpoint what kind of music it is.
It's not Led Zepplinish. It's not blue Grassyish.
It's kind of different.
I like it. I'm not sure anyone else would.
Have you heard it?
Their voices, both distinctive, but very different, go good together.

Number two music thought for the day....
2. The greatest rock and roll love triangle..... can you name it/them? I think I just wrote about this last month.
George Harrison and his wife Patty and Eric Clapton.
They both wrote love songs to her
Something (in the way she moves---attracts me like no other lover)
and Lela. ( you've got me on my knees, Lela, tell me darling please, Lela )
Both great songs.

But, do you you think that someone would ever write a song about you?
I realize I'm way too old now to have someone fall passionately in love with me and write a song about me (what would they say anyway?)
I mean REALLY? okay, you write a song in the heat of passion? But what about when you are together long enough to go thru menopause with someone?
what would he write about then?
Rich would never write....
we went to Wal-mart last night and at the check stand I threw in a Paula Dean Christmas magazine. I didn't look how much it cost.
so he asked me.......and it did cost $7.19, which was way, way too much for a magazine--especially since it turned out to not be that great of one anyway---but my husband gave me a bad time. For not knowing how much something was that I put in the cart.

He said in his life he has never EVER not known how much he was paying for something.
(isn't that weird.....he's known how much every single potato he put in the cart has cost?? come on....)

And he made a mistake...a bad mistake...
he said "you" women, who throw stuff in without knowing how much it costs.
"YOU" women.
Now, I want you to know that I stuck up for ALL OF YOU!!!!
I said, "ALL OF US WOMEN? RICHARD, you can't compare ALL of us women with me. Those poor other women probably do know what they are spending and it's insulting to them to be compared to me. "

He laughed.

But what could he write a song about???
debbie...I beg you darlin please....debbie....don't spend so much money...debbie


(ps the money thing is a joke!!! I mean some of you take me literally and then worry about my finances. If you are so worried send me money for the Stone's Soup place. :~)
really, tho..... I'm not to be taken too seriously.

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