Thursday, November 15, 2007

Should I or shouldn't I?

down to 199 girls. woo hoo!!

and I so, don't understand the not second guessing oneself. How do you not do it?
I just second guessed myself on having the correct pieces of toast!! I should have only had one with peanut butter, but it tasted so good, I had one more...but should I have? Really? I mean, the peanut butter has fat in it......and on and on and on.

from Linda in Walla Walla:
I am not a procrastinator. I'm an organized person, and yes, I makelists. I seldom second guess myself. I have OCD, for God's sake.

from Diana in Elko:
Some procrastinating. I want to be worse but I just can't. yes I do make lists so I won't forget important stuff.--mostly for work related

from Theda in Tualatin:
I would say that I am 80/20 (20 being the procrastinator). But 20 seemsso high. Sometimes admitting your faults is the first step. Perhaps I amchanging as I write this. HaHaHa. Actually depends on the day and all ofthat stuff. Every end of the school year I say that I will wake at 7 am,exercise, eat well, clean............ but do I ? Okay-- it is okay to sleepin the first week and the second... well I should write up a "list" andget the "to do's" on paper, then what happened to the last five weeks and Ihave one week to do six weeks of "to do's."I don't think I second guess myself. The same with regrets, - no to themalso.

from Laura in Elko:
I think of myself as an organized person…because of my lists. I don’t feel comfortable without a list. My kids laugh at me for them…but it always helped me. And yes…I am always 2nd guessing myself. ALWAYS. I envy those who see a situation, make a decision and stick to it… That is why I still have blank walls in my house and I have lived here for almost 4 years…why none of my homes have every really been “decorated” to any degree. I blame this on being a Libra…I see all sides of a situation and ride the fence from then on….that and the fact that someone once asked me “are you sure?”. I think up until that time, I was…then in a blink, I wasn’t…and haven’t been since.

from me/debbie:
OH NO...the dreaded "are you sure"?
geez... we were up until THEN!!

from Barbara in Buckeye:
Procrastinator??!! ME!!?? hahahahahahaAnd you know I am the most organized person you ever met.

from April in Winnemucca:
I am a split personality...organized/procrastinator How is that possible you say??? I always have a zillion things at once going. My head is thinking "April, you should get your luggage packed because you're leaving on a trip in the morning." At the very same time my body is working away at cleaning out the fridge while also processing LOADS of laundry. Get the picture...laundry-done, fridge-clean....packing - Oh, maybe after I watch this movie

from me/debbie:
I am procrastinating right now. I need to go vacuum.
But...oh...mabye after I get my e-mails down to 150!!
(I am at 193 now. )

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