Sunday, November 4, 2007


what came to "your" mind?

Yesterday, I rode along to Elko with Debbie E, at 6:00 a.m. to pick up her daughter, Megan and her grandson Dane, who flew in from Salt Lake City.
I told her the "apple" story. She, like me, first thought of REAL APPLES. As in Adam and Eve.
When I told Rich the story, he laughed and said, maybe if they were in Maine where that weirdo Rachel Ray is from (we watched her cooking show....well, I do a lot, but he watched ONE TIME, and all she could talk about was that her family were from Maine and they were apple people ), then he might have thought apples.

Anyway, I'm not soooo..weird. Only a little. :~)

from Theda:
Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, Carmel Apples, Hot spiced Apple Cider and theApple Blossoms that Trader Joe's sells. The funny part is that I have aPC at work and some of the schools have MAC's and were having trouble witha program, so I have been downstairs in the computer lab working on aApple.

from me/debbie:

from Jolina:
that is sooo funny.
We want to make a field trip next fall to Apple Hill. Have you been? You've probably been a hundred times, you little apple lover, you.

from me/debbie:
never. But I would like to go.

from Shelly:
I guess it depends on the context it is used in. I think if someone said to me they were going to "the apple store" I would think of computers only because apples are one food/theme stuff that I've never seen a separate store for. They could exist, of never know these days!

from Barbara B:
Guess I am younger thinking than I realized.........I, too, thought aboutthe computer co.

from Traci:
Apple Computer was first, followed very fast by Apple pie.

from me/debbie:
I think I'm going to make an apple pie today.......

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