Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, we survived Halloween night.... I actually think I lost a few pounds....jumping up and down, up and down, to answer the door for the "little communists".'s on old family joke. In 1955, my grandfather wrote in his diary/journal, that he had passed out all the candy and apples he had, "and they just kept coming, the little communists!"
(Luke even called me from Phoenix on the 30th and he and Mara were on their way to Costco to buy candy for the little communists.)
(doesn't every family have their little inside jokes?)

Camron came by.... and talked to himself while choosing candy "I'll have three crunches and a butterfinger....." :~)
and as for the graveyard, he wouldn't go in, because he said "he'd PUNCH 'EM, those ghosts and goblins"
(he said this in a very angry voice and I for one believed him---and didn't encourage him to enter, because I didn't want my graveyard destroyed. )

We had a neighborhood in contradiction---Rich said there were a lot of houses that had their lights off (spoilsports) but for those of us who had our lights on, WE WERE GREAT!!
the "orange" house at the end of the street ---kind of across from me--had a whole pirate theme going on. They were all dressed as pirates, had a great, great decorated yard, which they roamed in, and they were handing out eyeballs out of a treasure chest in their yard!!!!
(I can almost forgive them for painting their brick orange---almost )
And the Gilboys!! Well, for those of us in Winnemucca, we know how great their yard is for holidays. (and luckily didn't get vandalized---that is the house I was so worried about )
I was proud of us. LOL

Mitzi, Larry and the boys came by....we had sloppy joes (slop, slop, sloppy joes----my boys say that and laugh, I have no idea why )
Nate handed out candy for a while and then he, Larry and Rich went trick or treating and Mitzi and Matt and I stayed home. No time to visit tho....we were up and down, up and down. And Mattie wanted to hand out candy. He was so funny tho.... very cautious of the ghosties and goblins, but he really wanted to put that candy in their bags (Matthew is 18 months).
Jolina came by with Jenna.
Shelly came by to see the garage. then Hayley came by---she is a junior in high school, and for Leadership group, they offered to take kids around trick or treating, as chaperones. Only 3 kids signed up for it. I told them next time offer to "hand out candy", and I'd take them up on that one!! LOL
(I didn't get a picture of Hayley, and I could just kick myself)
We missed the Mavitys. I was wanting to see the kids dressed up, but either they didn't make it this far, or.......they got pushed aside by the hordes of kids trying to get on my porch. Max could still be lying in the bushes as far as I know. (I have a smallish front porch and when 20-30 kids are vying for the candy, they is some pushing sometimes---or I knock them around getting my screen door opened. It's always the little ones who suffer, the big kids can stand their ground)

The newspaper said Tricks or Treats was to be between 6-8, and you know, even tho we had THOUSANDS, they were pretty much done by eight o'clock.
Then I followed Mitzi and Larry home to take a picture of Mitzi in her costume....she was "Lucy" from the Peanuts cartoons.
(I told Rich, if the Mavitys come, Keep them here until I get back. Larry and Mitzi thought that was illegal, not kidnapping exactly, but detaining people against their will...... LOL )
Mitzi's costume was cute. She told me at school, she had on a Lucy-jumper and a tin cup, but I was making her do this at the end of the evening.

from Cherrie:
So, did you get the usual flurry of little ghosts and goblins at your house this year? I supplied junk food to 50 or 60 young beggars. I ran out of candy and ended up giving away a couple of those snack sized bags of snack crackers, and a few yummy yummy Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola bars mmmmmmmmmmm, we love those things. About this time I realized that the last ten trick or treaters were all significantly bigger than me and their voices had changed years ago. That's when I decided to turn the lights off and go to bed.

from Barb:
Along with my 3 neighbors, we went to the communityhalloween party as the 3 Blind Mice and the Farmer's wife(who cut off their tails with a carving knife).And....................................we won Best Costume!!I'll send pics once i get them downloaded.

from me/debbie:
Mitzi, or rather Lucy...after a hard days night.

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