Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I have an interesting question....
but first, about the apple store, from
I would have went the same direction. They must have dozens of apple farms in CT. Right?? And it is fall.


from Jolina:
I must confess that I am not an apple fan - don't like them much in any form. Especially apple pie. Really any fruit pie, there's just something about cooked fruit that turns me off. So, see you would not have to share your apple pie with me!!

okay...that is just weird. LOL LOL
I saw Jolina at a meeting on Monday night, where I had cherries spooned over my cheesecake and she almost cringed.
She does not like baked fruit, cooked fruit of any kind.

so my question to you is.....
do you?
she said the consistency of, well, basically "slime" didn't sit well with her.

I say...the taste overrules any "feeling" on your tongue and they taste good!!!
warm blueberry cobbler
fresh apple pie
fresh cherry pie
cherry turnovers
apple crisp
or just a baked apple
fried apples (my mom used to make these--yum. I will have them at my restaurant too)

what about peaches? apricots (I like apricot pie)

Is it just the "baked" fruit?
Well, Jolina said pretty much she didn't care for apples in any form.

This is so, so sad. :~)

so...what about you?
baked fruit? take it or leave it?
and why.....?

**the word slime in describing cooked fruit was used by the author who was exercising her literary lisence rights.
What Jolina said "could have" been the same as slime for baked fruit.

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