Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a thought

I had a thought, awhile ago... the first of October, to be exact.
On why we say "didn't deserve to win".

here are some of your comments

from Jolina:
Oh, by the way, I neglected to respond to the term "didn't deserve to win." I think that is just poor sportsmanship. That kicker deserves soooo much credit for stepping up and coming through like he did. The quarterback spoke extensively how he had dug them into a hole, and the rest of his team really played well to score that win. Instead of hanging around and saying such things as this, wouldn't it be so much better if they focused on the positive. Not just in football games, but in everything. I don't suppose that a game like that played by our young people - our kids - would there be any talk of "didn't deserve to win." (well, maybe in some families) We would say something like, "they stuck it out till the end," "they never gave up," "they had the heart to win," etc.

I have a hard time with the word deserve anyhow. Why do any of us "deserve" anything?

from Mark:
Oh and the cowboys do deserve to be 5-0 because they are the best football team ever. But last nights game was lucky. They should of lost but they somehow managed to get themselves out of that mess Romo got them into.

from Betty:
Some times the other team makes boo boos that give the game away.

from Meghan:
I would think that phrase would only apply if someone was a jack ass, poor sport, cheater etc. but... do you really hear that often? I cant think of a time I have heard it, I am sure I have, but not coming to mind ... we are more a 'oh that sucks that they won' type family!

from me/debbie:
I hear it from the fans of the team that won, when their team didn't play as well as they would have liked them to.
So, I think it's a weird thing to say....

this was my original note:

Just a quick thought.......
Why do people say "they didn't deserve to win?", when talking about a sports team, that wins, but doesn't do it as prettily as we would like?

Last night the Cowboys won in the last 2 seconds of the game. They did not play their best, but it was exciting at the end...and they won.
then Rich said they didn't deserve to win. I just thought it funny, as obviously they did deserve it since they had the most points at the end, and that's what counts....Victory or Loser.

I know, it's a rhetorical question....people use that term all the time "they didn't deserve to win".
so...what? they've never had a bad day? The teams have bad days, but they pull it off somehow. Personally, I think that's a better description....
boy they had a tough game, and yet they managed to be the winners!!!! Which is how it goes down in the record books.
Never is there---the Cowboys are 5-0 but they really don't deserve to be there. The fact is, they do deserve to be there because THEY WON!!!

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