Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stone Soup

Stone Soup

from Traci;
Wonderful Idea for winter (cold months) but what about the hot months? Not many people want hot soup on hot days, so add salads and sandwiches...........then you got it.

from me/debbie:
SOUPS, and a sandwich a day. Many soups, 1 sandwich, salads in the summer. And Beef Burgundy when I feel like it.
No menus...chalk board only, so I get to make what I want to.

from Jolina:
what a cool idea - Stone Soup is so cute.
I wish I had money.
and I care about your cooking trivia.

from Diana:
Great Idea, Stone Soup is a great name. The logo will be cool. You do need a sandwich to go with the soup. Also I don't have any money, I'm remodeling.You could be the soup Nazi.

from me/debbie:
I actually walked by the store-front of the soup Nazi, when we were in Manhattan.
but....... I need infestors. Or Investors.
oops...a Freudian Slip, does not bode well for Health inspectors--infest. :~)

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