Thursday, November 8, 2007


I wasn't "lying" on the phone interview for our life insurance.... I answered no and that's the truth. As far as I know, I don't have any of those ailments or diseases.

Right now I'm fit as a fiddle!!!
but on next Wednesday, I have to go have my blood drawn.... and then, I will be diagnosed with something horrible, I'm sure.

Irrational, you might be saying to yourself? YES, I KNOW. Everybody has their "things", their little "idiosyncrasies" (haven't we just been discussing this? LOL ) and mine is a fear of.......
okay, okay...enough of that....silly me, I need to get back to the insurance story.

So, I did not lie to the insurance co. No fraud for me. the thing about Rich is this: they ask him a question and in his answer he goes off on a tangent. They never asked if anyone had polyps... SO WHY TELL THEM?????
But he is laughing along with them and joking and telling his life story. they have duped him. duped him into spilling his guts.
It's life insurance for heaven's sake....not medical insurance. IN the end---they will pay. So....

(you guys know, I'm joking, right? I'm never sure. sometimes the written word doesn't show the "inflections" it needs to, to understand. )


from my favorite mother in law, Teresa Belcher, who I am happy to say is back!!! for a while, her computer refused to acknowledge mine....hahahaa:
When you apply for insurance they check very closely. They do usually catch it if you lie, they call that insurance Fraud. Then you've paid out all of those premiums and can't collect the money anyhow. It is well documented that I have had polyps removed, Rich also. The same with high blood pressure. Sorry.

oops, somewhere, I had an e-mail from Shelly about life insurance. It must be at work.

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