Monday, November 5, 2007

Soup's On

Sally Gruber called me last night.
Sally from Pennsylvania. We have so much fun talking and catching up. She reads the FF stuff, but doesn't respond.
(I will forgive her....but not forget about it)
She told me that my Soup restaurant just might make it. she said things like that around there do. But I had to remind her that we were in the middle of nowhere. make ends meet, I do need more money than I'll be able to bring in......

from Barb:
First you are begging for Xmas gifts-----now money. And you wonder why you don't hear from all of the FFs anymore..................................hahaI would have cared about the electric vs. gas comment. I LOVE to cook with gas! It's the only way to go.And I'm liking the "Stone Soup" name. But I do agree with Rich (hey! he's my partner!). You should have a sandwich of the day to go with the cup/bowl of soup. And interesting crackers. No saltines or I'm very hungry.p.s. I was so desparate for a dessert yesterday that I made a cake with coconut "glaze" out of Bisquick. Quite good actually!

from my mom, Bev:
I would give you my last dollar as I think it is a very good idea, but I'm with Rich. You need a sandwich also. Wish I had money to give you!

from Theda:
Really? maybe they don't have gas in Europe. I recently got a gas stove and I have been wondering why the food people don't talk more about if you are using a gas or electric stove. I now wonder if Rachel Ray can do a 30 minute meal on an electric one. I bought a lottery ticket, maybe I better go check it.

from me/debbie:
Theda and I could talk cooking too. She would not look at me funny when I mentioned the Cordon Bleu using electric stoves!!
by the's a safety issue for them. and they figure if their students can cook on electric, they can cook on anything!!
There are NO EXCUSES there.

from Linda:
If I had any money, I'd make you a loan. One of my favorite places forlunch here in Walla Walla is 'Stone Soup'. Sorry.

Is their last name Stone? maybe we're related.
Stone Soup is a children's book.

from Georgann, who was the librarian I worked with in Los Banos, and if memory serves me correctly, her daughter, Colleen, went to the Culinary Institute in San Francisco:
I Know, I know....I always connected "chefs" with gas....gas stoves. Matt and DanVy have a friend who is a chef and she has an electric rangetop at her weekend home. So, maybe it doesn't matter which, gas or electric. Will have to pay more attention when watching Paula Deen and others.
Personally, I burn fewer meals on the gas range.

from Robbie Milton (on the name being copyrighted):
I think as a book but not a restaurant.

from Darleen:
I like the soup and pie idea. I do agree with Rich that a sandwich of the day would be a nice bonus. Something grilled and warm and gooey...yum...when r u opening???????
I did not know about the chefs being trained on electric stoves either and I am SHOCKED as you are. I believe the only real way to cook is on gas and I hate having an electric stove. I miss my gas stove so much. But when you think about the Cordon Bleu being in FRANCE I guess it goes without saying!!
I want cream of potato soup, grilled Ruben sandwich, and a piece of lemon meringue pie. Oh yeah, and don't forget a side salad with bleu cheese dressing and yummy fries to go with the sandwich. (and don't forget the tartar sauce for the fries!!)
Now aren't you sorry you asked???

from Mitzi:
I LOVE your idea! Stone Soup...what a great name! NOT Soup Factory..that sounds so boring, and "Campbell's" if you will. And we doooo care about cooking trivia! I can't believe they cook on electric stoves! Gas stoves are much easier to control the temp & such. I agree with Rich, you'd need a sandwich, too.
:) Love ya, cutie pie!
P.S. And I don't really know the Mavity's, so when they stopped, it didn't even occur to me! I wish she would have said Can Debbie come out and play? LOL!

from me/debbie:
hahahaaha.......she will next time.
a sandwich, huh?
I actually could do that.
now, investors?

Last night, Rich was flipping thru channels and one of the movie channels had a Humphrey Bogart movie playing--it was black and white. I said "Stone Soup"!
he said, "Maltese Falcon"!

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