Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life Insurance--Rich chimes in

about my and Rich's interview questions....

from Barbara B:
And try getting health insurance with those answers! Doug tried several places, and just because he has had high blood pressure, they wouldn't even talk to him! Thank goodness I could put him on the JCP plan, no questions asked. I have to pay and arm and a leg, but at least he is insured.We don't have life insurance. And in my mystery novels, the murdering husband usually has just gotten a large insurance policy on his wife before he "offs" her............................................

from Traci:
At least not until he pisses you off the next time, then you'll be thinking about that life insurance ..............thinking you need to up the amount on him anyway! hahahaa

from Jolina:
Mike lied once about his tobacco use, said he didn't use, and they found out anyway and our premiums went up because he's a risk. So, they probably think you are lying . . .

from Diana:
Good thing they were talking about angina. My mind went else where because sometimes I read every other word.

from me/debbie
oh my gosh!!!

from Rich:
Fit as a fiddle?

Please put on your glasses so you can read this
Are your toes still numb?
Does your skin hurt?
How is your hearing lately?
How are your wrists?
I'm sure your sore back is better.
How is your gall bladder?

rebuttal from me/debbie:
okay, okay..... I DON'T HAVE A GALL BLADDER--they already took that out.
I am blind as a bat---for small print only
my toes....are only numb and tingly at the end of the day
my skin.....was sensitive, but lucky me, shingles did not appear
my back? It is all better.
Geez, Rich, you make me seem like a decrepit old lady.
I'm fine.

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