Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Remember the LIght?

Remember the stop light?
I still don't think it does ANYTHING AT ALL when you push the button.....
(there's a whole cycle it has to go thru.... ?? )
and I stood thru 2 cycles of red/green WITHOUT getting "walking man" to help me I walked down a ways and jay walked. On Winnemucca Blvd.

from Diana Elwess in Elko, NV:
I am with you on the not doing anything when you push the button.

from Cherrie Stone-McClintic in Auburn WA:
It depends on the light. there is a stop light a few blocks from my house, in one of the busiest intersections in town. sometimes the walk sign does not come on at all, when you push the button it does, it also chirps so blind people can cross the street and it counts down the seconds to the yellow light. when the lights are timed and the walk is activated that takes longer that a normal cycle, the next cycle is shorter to put the lights back into sync with each other.
Cherrie Lou Who

from Linda Ornelas in Walla Walla, WA:
When you push the button for walk, all it does is activate the walk lightor the little white walking figure, so you think you've done something.It doesn't change the timing of the traffic light. The traffic lightschange according to the way they're programmed, but sometimes if you don'tpush the walk button, the work walk doesn't light up. This is a truefact.

from Darleen Evans in Pasco, WA:
have you ever noticed that at pedestrian crossings, you can only make it TO THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION before it is flashing DO NOT WALK???? Imagine how hard that would be for us OLD PEOPLE to make it!!

from my father in law, Philip Belcher in Pasco, WA:
How about the people that push the walk button 10-12 times. Does that help any?

from me/debbie:
no, it doesn't. I've tried it. LOL
and YES, to the middle of the intersection. It drives me crazy. Rich and I walk at a decent rate and this always happens to us on the corner of Melarky and Wmca Blvd.
How in the world do people cross the street in big cities?

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