Thursday, November 1, 2007


I am laughing at myself....for while I made slop, slop, sloppy joes for dinner and fed the Storms, the other Stone sister in law, had real food!!! I'm going to her house next year for Halloween...after all, I am family.
But heck, i put cheese on my sloppy joes!!
It was a hit. Mitzi and Larry both liked it. LOL

from Sadie Stone:
"slop, slop, sloppy joes" they laugh because it's one of Adam Sandler's songs

from Meghan Stone:
Yes, the kids had a ball..... we had the family over (Mikes side) as usual, and a few friends... I made roasted pepper soup and served it out of indivdual boules (mini bread rounds) and had some apps - stuffed shrooms, sundried tomato pesto torte, mini tacos, crap like that.... it was a good night.
Every year at Rancho the teachers dress up in the same costume (as one another) last year they were all Superman, and when we got to school the theme song was booming over the loud speakers and some of the teachers were standing on the double story roof tops with hands on hips and chests out, capes flapping behind them....then after the parade they have an assembly and the teachers do a dance rountine.
This year they were all Albert Einstein, and dressed as mad scientists///they came out as the bell rang and were all dancing in the courtyard, then at the assempbly they had the stage set like a lab with dry ice smoking beekers and one teacher dressed as a frankenstein tyoe creation and they worked over him with drills and caws, then he got up and they all did a routine to "weird science" it was SOOOO awesome, I just love the school spirit stuff... the kids had a blast.

me/debbie Stone:
OMG!!! I want to go to your kids school. How fun.
we had a Stone-theme going on there for a moment..... :~)

from Traci:
We had a grand total of ....................9 kids, 5 little ones and 4 big ones. I shut my light off at 8:30 and then dumped the whole bowl of candy in to my nephews bag (another big one). I told him to share it with some one (he's going camping this weekend with the Boy Scouts). I had my porch light on by the kids would just walk by, I guess next year I have to get some pumpkins and carve them! :( Last year we had less than 20 kids, so it shouldn't surprise I didn't get very many. There are just so many things going on around town and the kids hit the newer areas before coming to the 'old' homes! hahaha

from Shelly:
It was sure crazy up by your house last night! The people you talked about with the great house...were they the ones down on Offenhauser with all the stuff in their year? I tried to look at it a little on my way home but I had to watch out for the mobs (kids AND adults) that kept darting out in the street...dark clothes, no it was hard to see. Rich's garage was great.

The past couple of years we've had maybe 10 or 12 kids. Last night we probably had 20 or 25...that's a lot for us. Most came early but we did have some little ones come after 8:00. I'm thinking "why aren't those kids home by now?" Oh well. After that we turned off the porch lights and called it a night.

Mitzi's costume was much more effective after seeing your picture. The booth makes a big difference!

Was there any trouble around town?

from me/debbie:
I haven't heard of any trouble yet.

from Theresa:
Well, I gotta agree with Rich, I felt there were many festive houses but there were quite a few w/the "lights out we're pretending it's not Halloween" vibe going on too. I told Mike this when we got home last night. I don't get that at all... but that's probably because my entire family would kill to live in town in a neighborhood where we could hand out candy.

It was such a beautiful night that lots of people were just sitting out on their porches which was fun. The pirate house across the way scared by kids (they're just like that) so we didn't go up there... but the one pirate we saw looked fantastic!! The Gilboys house looked great too...and their costumes.

Let me tell you about this cool way of TOT (trick or treat ) that my friend in Whistler, BC Canada told me about. So they block off a neighborhood of town so it's pedestrian traffic only. That is the "known" TOT neighborhood. Starting about 2 days before Halloween a few neighbors take turns setting up a little stand on an easy access corner for candy donations. People from all over town drop off a bag of candy or 2... so this neighborhood isn't stuck with all the expense of buying all the candy. Everyone then brings the kids for TOT... and it's very safe, fair & festive. I just love this!! And really, the pedestrian thing is a great idea. Honestly, I was pretty nervous w/the traffic in your area last night. Your street was good... but there were a lot of cars driving on Offenhauser.

And who's the guy directly across the street from you? He had a line like no other because he was talking to every single kid.

His name is Bryan...he was probably drunk. LOL
His wife tho is the Assitant DA.

and as to why the Mavitys failed to show up on my doorstep?
Well, they really didn't fail.
They were greeted by a strange face. Mitzi with a wig on. LOL LOL

from Theresa:
Yes, ok, it's true... Mitzi answered the door and I didn't say anything. You know, what I can say? we all have our insecurities sometimes-lol. Ask me to emcee an event or perform in front of several hundred (or even thousands) of people, I'm there for you!! Ask me to say, "So Mitzi, is Debbie here, we wanted to say Hi." Um, no. :) I did look in the door, and I saw someone with brown hair that was not you. So off we went.... And I was by myself because Mike conveniently had class last night. I'm sorry... but your garage looked great as usual. I asked Max if he wanted a closer look and he said, "No, I already saw that garage the Halloween before this one!" His memory, I tell you...

I know..he was only 3 then.
no'll send me pics. :~)

from Jolina:
I got to see Mitzi at school, she was awesome!!
Did I send you a picture of us as dice on the 30th?

picutres will be on the blog page. :~)

from Jolina:
when we stood together, we felt like craps!
ha ha

ahahahhaaaaa!!! craps.
My little Jimmy has an evil eye.
(mark send new pics of Jimmy )

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