Friday, November 9, 2007

I stand corrected--LOL

Yes, I did...that's who I meant. LOL

from Ashley:
I think you mean Robert Plant and it was actually Layla and I would agree that it was the greatest rock and roll love story, I just read both the autobiographies of Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton - amazing

from me/debbie:
ahahhaaa..... I also just bought the new Eric Clapton CD. It's good too.

from Barb B:
I'm sure he exclude me when he said "You Women!!".....................> Yes---when Doug and I had our long distance relationship (I was in Idahoand he was in New Mexico), he wrote me a song, and sang it along withstrumming his guitar, on a cassette tape that he sent to me!!

from me/debbie:
okay, Barb.... I know you. NOW, anyway. I did not know you then...but did you take it seriously? Or laugh? what would you do now?

Why do we lose that.....that....wonder of love? LOL

from Barb B:
At the time it seemed very special and sweet. Now---being the hard oldwoman I have become-----I would probably start laughing. What a witch I havebecome!!

from Jolina:
both music and poetry about me

I don't always know exactly what everything costs, sometimes I just want what I want. And I have a vague notion of the total, but am often surprised when the bill is larger than I expected. Just last week I exchanged a top that was too small for Nik, and then bought a top and sweats for each of them for basketball tryouts. It seems reasonable when the price is $5.88, but then I have to buy two. And then Wal-Mart was having 75% off all their Halloween stuff. So I spent more than I intended to when I walked in, which is far more common than not knowing how much an item is when I throw it in the cart.

I don't mind being compared to you. I consider being like you a good thing.

from me/debbie:
awe... I told you, she's my new best friend.
(except the apple thing----that could make or break our relationship)

from Jolina:
yeah - wondered where the word slime came from, not sure I'd use it in that context, but you're right, that's what I meant. Love the disclosure.

from my mom, Bev (at least she is normal):
love any baked fruit!

what about pumpkin pie? do you guys like pumpkin pie?
Laura, do you?
Theresa M, do you like sweet potato pie?
what do you make for Thanksgiving CJ?

(method to my madness....ask "personally" and you have to answer....right?)

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