Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look Both Ways

Look both ways before crossing the street!!

from Sadie Stone:
My favorite lights are the ones that tell you how much time you have to get across the street. It starts counting the seconds backwards, they have these in San Fran. and I'm sure in other cities too, so you know down to the second how much time you have left before you could potentially die from being in the street.

from Darleen:
Does the term "road kill" come to mind, about being stuck in the middle of the intersection in a busy city????

from MIL Teresa B:

I agree that the walk button does not do a thing to help anyone walk across the street. As for us old and slow people I just pray as I cross, and think that at least with any luck my family can sue if I'm injured or killed. Doesn't do a lot for me but it helps me get across the street a bit faster because I try to move faster, I pretend that I am racing grandson Jimmy across the street, that way I have a chance to win the race. Also most drivers watch out for animals, and who would want to hit a sweet little turtle.

from me/debbie:
hahahaaa....... Jimmy. (he doesn't know how much he's loved)

from Georgann:
I should have video taped this, except I was afraid the woman was going to die...Colleen is driving on a very busy four lane street in Modesto...on her far right a little old lady with a walker starts across the lanes of signal light, no cross walk. She slowly crosses each lane...walks in front of cars, trucks and smiles a thank you as they stop for her. Why wait to find the pedestrian walk way with traffic lights? Take a chance, step off the curb and just go for it! I joke but it was very frightening, at least for me and Colleen. Apparently not for that gusty lady. Makes you wonder does she do this often?

We have a lady just like that here in Winnemucca!! and she walks all over town, in all kinds of weather... at a snail's pace. Just crosses the street when she feels like it.
We'll keep our fingers crossed for both of them.

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