Friday, November 9, 2007

Too cute

Susie's other three grandchildren....
Paige and her brother Jakob, and their cousin Aleah (the oldest)
These are my "great" Godchildren----if their is such a thing. And I deem there is. :~)
And I also stole the name (from Gina) Grantie!!

I told you all.... we FF's have the cutest kids ever!!!

I think this is the end of all the Halloween pics I have.....
you can check out my website to make sure.

from Shelly:
It's so funny reading about all these babies!! How did we get to be the age where we were old enough to have grandchildren??? We're not quite there yet....only because we got a late start. Had to laugh when you talk about kids growing up...we went to the SPR Saturday night. Asked Bryan if he wanted to go (of course not!!) so we went and met up with Mitzi and Larry there. Bryan had gone to his friend Quinn's house and then the boys decided to the RODEO. Of course, they don't go for the rodeo, they go for other items of interest! Anyway, we're up in the stands and Bryan walks by with his friends. He sees us but he's too cool to wave or acknowledge us in any obvious way so we get the slight head nod in our direction as he keeps on walking. We all busted up laughing. I'm sure that wasn't exactly the reaction he was looking for. Gone are the day of the waving and "Hi, Mom!" for all to hear...

hahahaaha!!! oh....... it's funny, but's funny.
(but I was going to say---where does the time go??)
ps---it's nice to live in a small town too, where you WILL run into your kids at the one 'EVENT' taking place.
There's no hiding in Winnemucca!!

my gorgeous Great-God Children (whom I take credit for).......

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