Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Bride

And for those of you who don't go on the Ringo picture page... here's a picture of the bride, Stacy. She looked so beautiful.
Her colors were ice blue and silver and white... to give the allusion of "winter".
She also had a "kids room" made with the draperies. She is standing in front of it, before the wedding.
they put a TV and bean bag chairs and movies.. then the younger kids would come and go, come and go.It was a good thing.

One other thing that we had to do before our tables were dismissed for the buffet table... we had to sing.
I KNOW you are cringing, thinking of Rich and me---hahhaa, but the whole table had to sing--one line of a love song. It was actually pretty funny. You had some tables who couldn't carry a tune and some who had ringers--REAL SINGERS, who made the rest of us cringe in horror about ourselves. LOL

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