Thursday, November 15, 2007

my mission

My mission today, is too get my e-mails down below 200 in my in-box. I get it down to around 207 and then leave for a while, or a couple of days and then I am write back up to 265. Just this morning in fact!!!

Right now I am down to 205. I haven't been below 200 in my inbox for months and months!!!

let us begin.... by talking about magazines.

from Kate Getty...pregnant Kate, as she will be known from here on out, until March (I think):
Guilty as Rich....front to back....skip it if I startto read it and it is boring, but I do go through itfront to back....

from Robbie Milton:
I read them watching TV or waiting for something. Ialso read some before going to bed.

from Linda Ornelas (known as my cousin ):
Rich and I would get along well. I read from cover to cover, completely.

from Diana Elwess:
I read them like you do unless I am really really bored then the whole thing.

from Theda Pansevicius (in high school, I called her Ted):
I think that John does the same. We get two magazines that are his. I can go to the library if I want to see one.

from me/debbie:
I buy them when we go on a road trip. I take a library when I travel. With Rich anyway. the book I'm reading, one more book in case I finish that one. 2 or 3 new magazines, a cookbook to get ideas from, my address book and some cards and stamps (in case I want to write anybody) slippers... I am set and ready to go. LOL

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