Monday, November 5, 2007

catching up

I just wanted to tell you, that my computer is almost empty. My in-box, that is. I am down to 246 e-mails, and while you don't think this is "low", I started out yesterday with 698 in my in-box. I deleted a lot of old stuff and printed out some pictures I wanted to keep.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get down below 100 this week.
so....let me begin.

Halloween continued....

from my oldest and one of my dearest friends, Theda in Tualatin, OR:
We only had 7 kids. I feel that we live in a retirementvillage. Even the neighborhood kids (in high school) didnot come by. I had to take candy to them the next day. Ourfirst was at 7:30 and the last at 9 pm. How sad. Of courseI still have candy left over. I don't ever want to bewithout so I make sure that I have enough and each year havemore than enough.

The one thing that I remember about Halloween. When Michael wasjust a baby, about 2 1/2 months old, I had to place him onthe floor while I opened the door to treaters, he found histhumb and started sucking his thumb that night.

from me/debbie:
I know some people don't like it, but I love little thumb suckers!!!
they are so cute. Of course, Michael is 22 years old now, so it wouldn't be cute anymore. LOL
oh...and Theda had her grandson, Cayden for a week, and she and John took him to the Portland zoo for the Elephant "pumpkin smash". I thought that sounded fun and want to hear about it. :~)

from Theda:
This is cute. At work we always have a pot luck and costumes are welcomed. This year one department dressed as rats. Mainly they had a fake nose. But they also had names and capes.
All morning I just did not get it. They even had a flier on their fronts but I was too busy to read the entire flier and still did not get it.
At the pot luck they told their story. The supervisor of the department buys a rat - can't remember the name now - anyway they are African Rats that go and sniff out land mines and TB. It was interesting, but then someone asked a innocent question, "How long do rats live?". She was thinking they don't live long and how do you train them. But someone's answer was, "depends if you are sniffing land mines or TB." It was pretty funny, not meant to be just one of those timing issues.

from my favorite cousin Linda in Walla Walla, WA:
I grew up in Walla Walla and Enterprise. Both small towns. I suppose atthe time, I thought Walla Walla was a booming metropolis, but it's still asmall town. Whether Walla 2 or Enterprise , my neighborhood was asingle-family neighborhood. Everyone seemed to know everyone else. Everyone seemed friendly and helpful, and there were the neighborhoodgossips too. Kids got to play outside all of the time, and in the summerwe would stay outside quite late. It was a great time. I remember myfirst boy-girl Halloween party. We were all in costume and we went outtrick or treating together. We were about 12, I think. Nobody wasworried that we might do something wrong or that we would need achaperone. Of course the party was chaperoned, but from upstairs as Irecall. It was really fun. Costumes were something that we spent manylong hours on and they were always homemade. In Walla 2 there was a housedown the street with a lot of overgrown greenery. It sat way back off ofthe street and all of us kids thought it was haunted. So, of course onHalloween it was a real challenge to approach the house. As I recall, andold woman lived there, so naturally she was a witch. She was probablyjust a sweet old lady. I've been past that house recently and the bushesand trees have all been trimmed and it's very nice looking. Not the leastbit scary, and not as far back off of the street as I remembered.

from my husband's partner in crime, Barbara Brown, Buckeye, AZ:
When we lived in the Sacramento market, we used to go to Apple Hill all the time! It was so............................Fallish!

23 bags!!???? Now I remember why I like living in AZ., even though I don't get to have the "Fall Feeling". (now I'm thinking the "fall feeling" is Rich's aching back from raking all those leaves.....).

No---I did not turn my clocks back. Hawaii and Arizona are the only 2 states that do not recognize daylight savings. Thank goodness. What a pain to have to reset everything-----and for WHAT? So the farmers have more daylight? They can either get up earlier, or stay out in the fields later, or whatever it is they need to do (it's so confusing). Won't they be in the fields the same amount of hours, no matter what?

from me/debbie:
(I don't think it has anything to do with the farmers has to do with conserving energy---which I don't get either)

from Theda:
Now at least I know what my new neighbors are doing. They have leaves all over their yard (which is just not allowed in Kickapoo Court). I raked & mowed yesterday and I can read today.

from me/debbie: neighbors, huh?

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