Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Soup

I'm making a squash soup for Thanksgiving.
And pies.
LOOK, I'm already practicing for my restaurant. Soup and pies, soup and pies.

from Cherrie Lou Who (Rich's sister in Auburn, Washington, works at Boeing):
OK I know I have been missing a lot over the last month, but now I amback.I see that my e-mail got so full I did not receive any mail for a fewdays, which is probably good.Kate Getty, another FF and I were at Elk camp with the boys the lastweek. It was really nice, good weather, great food, nice camp fires,good friends. None of our men were able to get an Elk this year, but that's OK. Weall have the regular places to get meat, Grocer, Butcher, the Getty'sfreezer is full of the stuff! Daryl got his deer a couple of weeks ago!Stone Soup, I hate to tell ya Deb . . . . There is a Stone Soup inRichland on the Parkway. And I'm sure you know the story of Stone Soup,don't you? I would like veggies and meats and things in my soup.Michael Makes a killer beef barley soup, it's one of his slow cookerrecipes.Pies, all pies are good, my least favorite would be pecan, I'm not a fanof pecans. The best is Pumpkin! Mmmmmmmmmm! Apple is great because itis really inexpensive, and back when I was really really poor, I wouldmake one on occasion as a treat, mmmmmm! I like Key Lime, but I thinkit's hard to get a really good one because they are rare in the GreatNorthwest. And I could have lived on Gilligan's Island with Banana andCoconut cream pies. But the best is still Pumpkin!Well, I suppose I should get back to work for now, I will be better atresponding now that I am here.Cherrie Lou Who

from me/debbie:
I am so impressed with all you FF's who know the StoneSoup story. How literate you all are. (not that I thought you were illiterate, but nice to know you like literature...geez, I better quit before I stick my foot further into my mouth!)
and yes, to the Richland and Walla Walla Stone Soup.
Should I have the contest?

from Jolina (our Winnemucca FF, who works at the College--Great Basin College):
careful about contests. When Ray & Bobbi Davis owned the Players bar, they opened naming the place to a contest and hated that name.

from me/debbie:
Maybe I can choose from the top three.
I like pecan pies. I like apple pies. and I have a recipe for a German Chocolate pie that Lisa makes...yum-o! I even have an old Amish recipe for oatmeal pie. Luke loved it. It's like an oatmeal cookie in a pie.. a very moist oatmeal cookies.
And how can one not like crust Laura/Jolina? Homemade crust?! mmmmmm......mmmmmmmm.
Dustin called me on Friday and asked what a pumpkin custard pie was... that was all he could find in Virginia. I told him it was the same thing as regular pumpkin pie. It is, isnt' it?
The thing that REALLY confused me was he then asked.... if he should get the mild or SPICY pumpkin custard pie. ????

from my mom Bev, who is retired:
There are cold soups also for hot days! Some of then are very good.

from me/debbie:
gazpacho being my favorite!

from Darleen (Rich's aunt, his same age aunt LOL, who is retired also. She was in the navy for awhile):
Hey, check this out: It says they have one in Richland!!

from me/debbie:
yes, it is the responsibilities of the Tri-Citian Friday Friends to go have lunch there this month and "check it out" for me. you will be my investors. LOL

from Jolina again:
I worked for a lady in Fallon in a lunch spot. also had ice cream. She did soups, sandwiches, and specialty things. She had a chalk board to write the specials. She would make artichokes and then stuff them with salad. Made some tremendous pies. One I should have gotten the recipe for was the German Chocolate Pie (she made the cake too - oh so yummy). She used to make extra coconut pecan frosting and serve it warm over vanilla ice cream. Of course, you could only get that when she had baked the cake, so people were always calling to see when she was baking. People poured in during lunch. It was in a strip mall, so I wouldn't call it a restaurant exactly.

She also catered and made fancy cakes - wedding and birthdays, and such. She taught me how to cook artichokes, make frosting flowers, sugar Easter eggs with the scenes (what are those called?).

This is really sad, but I can't think of the name of the place. I can see her, and I remember her name. She was very crotchety - people told me not to apply, she was hard to work for. Then, right after I was hired she was having problems with the ice cream cone stand. You know those metal ones where you put the box on and the cones come out the bottom? I tried to help her but managed to get her hand stuck in the contraption somehow - hurt her. Think I wasn't worried then?

from me/debbie:
LOL... but she must have forgiven you?
People will be pouring into my restaurant too. to get out of the rain and have comfort food of soup and warm bread. And to watch "It's a wonderful life" in black and white.

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Jolina said...

That is my all-time favorite movie. That will be cool. You must be planning to move somewhere where it rains??

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