Thursday, November 8, 2007

Soup debate

Good morning.
get your lazy rears out of bed!! It's already 5:39 a.m.

about the Stone Soup....
from Lisa:
I say you have to be Stone Soup! Who cares what used to be. They obviously were not good enough to last!

from Meghan "Stone":
I will research, they disappeared from here in the 80's... I like that name!! my second soup class was called Stone Soup!

hahahhaha! I googled it... and no sign of the mall ones... but there is this one.... in WALLA WALLA!

from me/debbie:
LOL..... Linda had e-mailed me and told me that. I looked at their web-site and it looks very good.... BUT, it looks like they only have one soup a day.
I, of course, will be so popular that I will have no menu, but make 3 soups a day, depending on my mood. :~) (which ones they will be)

from my cousin Linda (who lives in WALLA WALLA and has actually been to the Stone Soup Cafe`):
Jenn has a great idea for your restaurant. No desserts, no sandwiches,just stick to soup. The only other thing you offer is bread. You'll needlots of different rolls and breads, some fairly plain, but lots of unusualand out of the ordinary.I have some great cold soup recipes for the hot weather. But I think Jennhas a good idea. You can even develop a signature bread or roll.

from me/debbie:
Good idea.
bread is good. But I have to do pie also. That's all I wanted to do anyway, soups and breads--a piece of pie for dessert.
and I was thinking---since I'm going to win the lottery to do this, I will make it "winter" all the time. Like in Disneyland, where they have simulated environments. Well maybe that will be going overboard, but it will look "cool" inside---not as in really neat, but cool as in decor.
I will have to practice my bread making skills. I know that practice makes perfect, so I'm not too worried about this, but......I still need an investor. :~)
It's always something.

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